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    Development of Features for Early Detection of Defects and Assessment of Bridge Decks

    Ahmed Silik1,2,7, Xiaodong Wang3, Chenyue Mei3, Xiaolei Jin3, Xudong Zhou4, Wei Zhou4, Congning Chen4, Weixing Hong1,2, Jiawei Li1,2, Mingjie Mao1,2, Yuhan Liu1,2, Mohammad Noori5,6,*, Wael A. Altabey8,*
    Structural Durability & Health Monitoring, DOI:10.32604/sdhm.2023.023617
    Abstract Damage detection is an important area with growing interest in mechanical and structural engineering. One of the critical issues in damage detection is how to determine indices sensitive to the structural damage and insensitive to the surrounding environmental variations. Current damage identification indices commonly focus on structural dynamic characteristics such as natural frequencies, mode shapes, and frequency responses. This study aimed at developing a technique based on energy Curvature Difference, power spectrum density, correlation-based index, load distribution factor, and neutral axis shift to assess the bridge deck condition. In addition to tracking energy and frequency over time using wavelet packet… More >