Editorial Board
  • Prof. Zhe Chen

    Aalborg University, DENMARK

    Interests: Wind power, Power systems, Power electronics, Electric machine

  • Prof. Wenming Yang

    National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE

    Interests: Combustion and emissions control of internal combustion engines, Fuel design for greener and sustainable transportation, Optimization of biomass and pulverized coal boilers

Associate Editors
  • Dr. Hao Chen

    Chang’an University, CHINA

    Interests: Energy saving, New energy Vehicle technology, Development and application of new transportation energy and automobile energy conservation

  • Dr. Hongfa Ding

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Electric power

  • Dr. Jianfeng Pan

    Jiangsu University, CHINA

    Interests: Combustion, Gas and liquid fuel combustion, Automobile and aviation combustion

  • Dr. Kosmas A. Kavadias

    University of West Attica, GREECE

    Interests: Design and optimization of solar energy systems, Optimization of hybrid renewable energy systems, Design of stand alone energy systems based on renewable energy sources

  • Dr. Shafiqur Rehman

    King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, SAUDI ARABIA

    Interests: Wind energy resource assessment, Potential site identification, Grid onnected and off-grid wind farm design and optimization, Techno-economical feasibility

  • Dr. Jahar Sarkar

    Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), INDIA

    Interests: Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Refrigeration/heat pump, Nanofluids, Sustainable cooling technologies, Energy conversion

  • Dr. Ravishankar Sathyamurthy

    KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Engineering thermodynamics, Mechanical engineering, Solar Energy, Renewable energy technologies, Phase change materials, Energy storage, Material characterization, Lithium ion batteries, refrigeration & Air conditioning, Wind energy

  • Dr. Roc Shi,

    University of Technology Sydney, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Energy policy

  • Dr. Guohong Tian

    University of Surrey, UK

    Interests: Battery thermal management technologies, Vehicle powertrain systems, A novel exhaust system design for locomotives, Waste heat recovery by organic Rankine Cycle (PI)

  • Dr. Wei Wu

    City University of Hong Kong, CHINA

    Interests: Building energy efficiency, Advanced heat pump, Thermal energy storage, Renewable energy utilization, Net-zero energy building

  • Dr. Zhibin Yu

    University of Glasgow, UK

    Interests: thermal energy technologies and their fundamental thermodynamic, heat transfer, fluid-dynamic problems

  • Dr. Fu-Yun Zhao

    Wuhan University, CHINA

    Interests: Building environment and energy application, Urban Ventilation and Microclimate, Building Energy Saving and New Energy

  • Dr. Qunwei Wang

    Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, CHINA

    Interests: Energy economics and management

  • Dr. Ebrahim Mohammadi Badizi

    Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

    Interests: Microgrids and nanogrids, Renewable energies, Energy storages, Power electronics and control, Power system and power quality.

  • Dr. K.Sudhakar

    Universiti Malaysia Pahang Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, MALAYSIA

    Interests: Climate Change, Carbon sequestration, Biofuel, Solar thermal and PV systems, Sustainability assessment, Hybrid energy systems, Mathematical modeling, food-water-energy nexus

  • Dr. Luigi ALDIERI

    University of Salerno, ITALY

    Interests: Innovation economics, Environmental economics, Energy Policy, Energy Efficiency, Labor economics, Econometrics

  • Dr. Jeongmin Ahn

    Syracuse University, USA

    Interests: Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs), Fuel cell materials synthesis and fabrication, Catalyst development of electrodes

  • Dr. Ahmed Abu-Siada

    Curtin University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Power systems stability, Renewable energy, Condition monitoring, Fault diagnosis and asset management.

  • Dr. Yukun Hu

    University College London, UK

    Interests: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Hydrogen infrastructure deployment storage (CCUS).

  • Dr. Wencheng Guo

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Hydroelectric energy, Hydropower system, Fluid mechanics, Hydraulic transient, Power system stability, Nonlinear control, Unsteady flow

Editorial Board
  • Dr. Bhaskaran Gopalakrishnan

    West Virginia University, USA

    Interests: Industrial and buildings energy efficiency, Waste reduction, Water use reduction, Energy-water nexus, and smart manufacturing for energy efficiency.

  • Dr. Pegalajar M.Carmen

    University of Granada, SPAIN

    Interests: Energy efficiency, Energy demand forecasting, Data science, Big data, Deep learning, Artificial neural networks, Metaheuristic algorithm, Intelligent ambiance

  • Dr. Murat Gökçek

    Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, TURKEY

    Interests: Energy cost in power plants, Energy conversion technologies, Thermodynamics analysis of nuclear power plants, Design and optimization of thermal Systems, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer.

  • Dr. Qi Huang

    University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, CHINA

    Interests: Power system control, Distributed parallel computing for large-scale power systems

  • Dr. Ali Khosravi

    Aalto University, FINLAND

    Interests: Solar energy systems, Energy system modeling, Engineering thermodynamics, Energy storage systems, Renewable energy systems

  • Dr. Chuanchang Li

    Changsha University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Heat storage, Solar energy

  • Dr. Zhenjun Ma

    University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Modelling and optimal control of building HVAC systems, Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in building applications, Solar photovoltaic thermal systems and ground source heat pumps.

  • Dr. Hameed Balassim Mahood

    University of Surrey, UK

    Interests: Heat transfer, Multiphase flow, Desalination

  • Dr. Cong Qi

    China University of Mining and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Nanofluids,Thermal management

  • Dr. Suvash C. Saha

    University of Technology Sydney, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: Computational biomechanical engineering which includes particle deposition, Clearance and penetration into the lung surfactant, Heat and Mass Transfer including Phase Change Materials (PCM)

  • Dr. Lip Huat Saw

    Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, MALAYSIA

    Interests: Thermal management, numerical modelling (computational fluid dynamics, battery modelling & electrochemical modelling), renewable energy (solar and wind), control technology (battery pack management system and vehicle energy flow management), automotive technology (electric vehicles & hybrid electric/hydraulic vehicles), energy storage system (Li-ion battery & ultra/super capacitor), material processing technology (combustion synthesis & ceramic matrix composite), finite element analysis, design of experiment and optimization

  • Dr. Dongran Song

    Central South University, CHINA

    Interests: Renewable energy, Hybrid/Portfolio/Integrated energy systems, Intelligent energy system, Energy technology economy

  • Dr. Vineet Veer Tyagi

    Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, INDIA

    Interests: Thermal energy storage, Solar energy, Phase change materials and applications

  • Dr. Bing Wang

    China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing, CHINA

    Interests: Renewable energy development policy

  • Dr. Jun Yang

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Reactor thermal-hydraulic and safety analysis, Nuclear energy

  • Dr. Dunxi Yu

    Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Theory and technology of the utilization of various fuels

  • Dr. Sunliang Cao

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, CHINA

    Interests: Low-energy and zero-energy buildings, Advanced on-site renewable energy systems, Building integrated energy storage solutions, HVAC technologies.

  • Dr. Behnam Mohammadi ivatloo

    University of Tabriz, IRAN

    Interests: Integrated energy systems, Energy management, Energy storage, Smart energy systems.

  • Dr. Mamdouh El Haj Assad

    University of Sharjah, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    Interests: Renewable energy, Energy efficiency, Energy and exergy analysis, Evaporative cooling, Energy conversion systems and industrial ventilation.

  • Dr. Hongming Yang

    Changsha University of Science & Technology, CHINA

    Interests: Power system operation and planning, Power market, New energy grid connection

  • Dr. Omid Nematollahi

    Pusan National University, KOREA

    Interests: Experimental mechanics including, PIV measurements, Schilieren shadography Energy power systems, Organic Rankine Cycles related subjects, Aerodynamic performance studies including free jet and wings.

  • Dr. Nan Li

    Dalian University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: hydrogen energy technology

  • Dr. Adarsh Kumar Pandey

    Sunway University, MALAYSIA

    Interests: Solar Energy,Thermal Energy Storage, Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Systems

  • Dr. Jiang Wu

    Shanghai University of Electric Power, CHINA

    Interests: energy conversion and its pollutants emission controls, energy storage, CO2 conversion with photocatalysis, heavy metal emission control technologies

  • Dr. Qiang Sun

    China University of Mining and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: mine energy and engineering

  • Dr. Defu Che

    Xi'an Jiaotong University, CHINA

    Interests: boiler and heat exchanger design, multiphase flow and heat transfer, combustion of fossil fuels and pollutant emission control, comprehensive utilization of low grade heat energy

  • Dr. Tiankui Guo

    China University of Petroleum, CHINA

    Interests: Experimental and numerical simulation of fracture propagation mechanism in hydraulic fracturing, Evaluation of fracturing materials (Fracturing fluid and proppant)

  • Dr. Jing Li

    University of Hull, UK

    Interests: Heat pump technology, Solar thermal conversion, Thermal storage, including sensible and latent heat storage, Heat pipe,Expander, Geothermal energy

  • Dr. Songyan Li

    China University of Petroleum, CHINA

    Interests: Theory and application of foam in enhanced oil recovery, Heavy oil recovery methods, Phase and diffusion behaviors of gas in reservoir conditions.

  • Dr. Hongbo Ren

    Shanghai University of Electric Power, CHINA

    Interests: Distributed energy system optimization

  • Dr. Sudhir Tyagi

    Indian Institute of Technology, INDIA

    Interests: Biomasscharacterization, Biomass cookstoves, Cleand evelopment Mechanism (CDM), Energys tudies, Exergy, Irreversible thermodynamics, Building engineering, refrigeration

  • Dr. Nakorn TIPPAYAWONG

    Chiang Mai University, THAILAND

    Interests: Biomass conversion

  • Dr. Hamed Hashemi Dezaki

    University of Kashan, IRAN

    Interests: Smart grids, Renewable energy sources, Electric vehicles, Power system optimization, Power system reliability, Power system protection, and High voltage engineering.

  • Dr. Bo Yang

    Kunming University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: optimization and control, smart grid, renewable energy, artificial intelligence

  • Dr. Li Li

    University of Technology Sydney, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: analysis and control of electric power systems, modeling and control of large-scale systems, model reduction, decentralized control, distributed control, robust control, model predictive control, markov jump parameter systems, control application to power systems

  • Dr.Fadi Al-Turjman

    Near East University, Nicosia, CYPRUS

    Interests: smart-cities and mobile applications, artificial intelligence in the Internet of Things (IoT), architectures and data-delivery in Information-Centric Networks (ICNs) and Cloud Computing era, economic-based data delivery in IoT, integration of heterogeneous enabling technologies in IoT, deployment planning in Next Generation Networks (NGN)

  • Dr.Yunfei Mu

    Tianjin University,CHINA

    Interests: integrated energy system, electric vehicle integration

  • Dr.Haoran Ji

    Tianjin University,CHINA

    Interests: distributed power generation, smart grids, flexibility, and optimal power control applications

  • Dr. Jianhui Hu

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CHINA 

    Interests: Sustainable building structure (solar building, photovoltaic building), thermal-mechanical behavior and mechanism of polymer and composites

  • Dr. Mahmoud Elsisi

    National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN

    Interests: renewable energy, power system dynamics: Stability &Control, nuclear power plant control, wind energy conversion systems (WECs), artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning, deep learning, Internet of things (IoT), cybersecurity, model predictive control

  • Dr. Thiago Antonini Alves

    Federal University of Technology - Parana, BRAZIL

    Interests: renewable energy, energy generation, conversion, conservation, storage and management; energy systems; heat pipe and thermosyphons; neural networks; experimental and numerical simulation.

  • Dr. Youcef Himri

    Université de TAHRI Mohamed Béchar, ALGERIA

    Interests: wind power plants, battery storage plants, data analysis, diesel-electric generators, diesel-electric power stations, hybrid power systems, photovoltaic power systems, power generation economics, solar power stations, wind turbines

  • Dr. Thanh Hai Nguyen

    Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

    Interests: motor drives and control, power electronics, power converters, microgrids and smart grids, wind power generation, HVDC transmission systems, fault diagnosis, power quality

  • Dr. Yaolin Lin

    University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: solar fuels & thermosolar power, building Energy Modeling and Simulation, HVAC System Control Optimization, sustainable design concept applied to buildings, building energy efficiency, environmental air pollution

  • Dr. Hasmat Malik

    Department of Electrical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), MALAYSIA

    Interests: high voltage, condition monitoring & prognostics, smart building & automation, power system, ACMV/ HVAC system, forecasting & prediction, renewable energy

  • Taqiy Eddine Boukelia

    Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Jije, AIGERIA.

    Interests: Thermal power plants, solar thermal energy, application of artificial intelligence in energy systems, fuel and hydrogen production using renewable energy sources.

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