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Energy Engineering

ISSN: 0199-8595 (Print)

ISSN: 1546-0118 (Online)


Professor Zhe Chen is the professor and leader of Wind Power Systems Research Program Department of Energy Technology (Aalborg University, Denmark), and Principal Investigator of Wind Energy, the Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research. He is also an international expert for research project/position evaluation for a number of organizations internationally. He acquired his Ph.D. in University of Durham (England), and has more than 730 publication. The total citations in Google Scholar is +20500, with his H-index as 64.

Professor Wenming Yang is the Dean’s Chair Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore. Holding a Ph.D. (Energy and Power Engineering, China), he is the author of more than 300 research and technical articles, patents and international conference papers. His papers have been cited for 9379 times with an H-index of 52 (google scholar, as on 8 May 2020). He is interested in developing clean combustion technology for energy and power generation. Special interests include combustion and emissions control of internal combustion engines, fuel design for greener and sustainable transportation, optimization of biomass and pulverized coal boilers, micro power generators and renewable energy.


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