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The Role of Artificial Intelligence for Modeling and Optimizing the Energy Systems

Submission Deadline: 15 May 2021 (closed)

Guest Editors

Ali Khosravi, Aalto University, Finland
Timo Laukkanen, Aalto University, Finland
Mohammad Malekan, Aarhus University, Denmark
Mamdouh El Haj Assad, University of Sharjah, UAE
Juan José Garcia Pabon, University of Itajuba, Brazil


In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained relevance in a wide variety of sectors. Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more important in the energy engineering and is having great potential for the future design of the energy and renewable energy system. Typical areas of application are electricity market, smart grids, or the sector coupling of electricity, district heating and cooling networks and transport. Prerequisites for an increased use of AI in the energy system are the digitalization of the energy sector and a correspondingly large set of data that is evaluable. AI helps make the energy industry more efficient and secure by analyzing and evaluating the data volumes. The main objective and contribution of this special issue is to present how AI techniques might play an important role in modeling and optimizing the energy systems. The special issue outlines an understanding of how expert systems and neural networks operate by way of presenting a number of problems in the different disciplines of energy engineering. The scope of the Special Issue is application of AI for:

Renewable Energy Systems: Solar Energy; Wind Energy; Marine Energy; Ocean Thermal; Geothermal; Biomass; Nuclear Energy; Hydroelectricity;

Energy Systems: Electricity Network; District Heating Network; District Cooling Network;

Energy Storage: Thermal Energy Storage (Sensible Heat; Latent Heat; Seasonal Energy Storage); Electricity Storage (Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Battery, CAES, Gravity Energy Storage); 

Heat Pumps: Compression Cycles; Absorption Systems; Clean Fuels


Artificial Intelligence; Machine learning; Renewable energy systems; Energy Storage; Electricity market; District heating network; District cooling network; Clean Fuels; Power-to-X

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