Special Issue "Dynamics and Fault Diagnosis for Energy Equipment"

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2022
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Guest Editors
Yuqiao Zheng, Lanzhou University of Technology, China. Email: zhengyuqiaolut@163.com
Jianhua Yang, China University of Mining and Technology, China. Email:jianhuayang@cumt.edu.cn
Zhaoju Zhu, Fuzhou University, China. Email: zhuzhaoju0216@163.com
Jinjie Zhu, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. Email: zhu.j.ag@m.titech.ac.jp


Energy is an essential material basis for human survival and development, but faults and damages are inevitable during either fabrication or lifetime of energy equipment for energy production. In addition, the energy equipment usually presents complex dynamical behaviors. They influence the normal operation of energy equipment. Therefore, it is essential to study the dynamics and develop advanced techniques for ensuring the safe and reliable operation of energy equipment. Lots of academics have been committed to investigating and developing the dynamics, fault diagnosis, reliability, and quality control in the life cycle management of energy equipment. For this purpose, this special issue would collect the latest achievements in this field. Potential topics include but are not limited to:

Dynamics and fault diagnosis of equipment in traditional energy

Dynamics and fault diagnosis of intelligent equipment and robot in energy engineering

Dynamics and fault diagnosis of energy equipment under complex working conditions

Fault diagnosis of energy equipment under extreme working conditions

New sensing and measuring methods of energy equipment

Deep learning in the application of energy equipment

Wind turbine technologies (blade, tower, gearbox)

Wind turbine (design, modeling, performance optimization,data analysis)

Mechanical structure dynamics of energy equipment

Reliability of energy equipment

Quality control of energy equipment in the manufacturing process

Energy equipment, Dynamics, Fault diagnosis, Reliability, Quality control