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AI and IoT Applications in Green Energy Systems

Submission Deadline: 31 December 2021 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. S. Karthikeyan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Syed Ammal Engineering College, Ramanathapuram, TamilNadu, India. Email: dr.karthikeyan@syedengg.ac.in

Dr. I A. Palani, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, India. Email: palaniia@iiti.ac.in


The energy demand is increasing as a result of the explosive increase of industrialization and economic development. Problems such as threats to human health and the environment, fossil fuel shortages, fluctuating prices, and emissions, all of which contribute to climate change and global warming, are driving forces behind the use of renewable energy sources. These can be described as clean energy sources with low environmental impacts, produce very little secondary waste, and are long-term viable in terms of energy, economics, and social needs. There have been significant advancements in conversion efficiency, energy storage, Nano grid/Microgrid/Smart grid, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Block-chain, Internet of things, and other fields in the last year alone. The main objective of the renewable energy research initiative is to use research and engineering capabilities to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals. So many of the new advancements in renewable energy research technology are also expected to help the industry succeed. The primary objective of this special session is to promote translational research by utilizing available lab-scale know-hows to unify research findings to advance the latest technologies in the field and generate alternative approaches to solar sector industrial and societal applications. The most significant developments and advances in renewable energy research were identified due to this special session.


Intelligent techniques applied to Energy; Photovoltaic Energy Control; Hydrogen related technologies; Energy Storage; Smart Grid; Power Network Control; Artificial Intelligence based Design; Artificial Neural Networks applied to Energy systems; Artificial Intelligence on energy saving; Internet of Things on energy saving; Advanced energy saving techniques; Methods on energy saving; Industry 4.0; Energy saving in factories.

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