Special Issues
Editorial Board
  • Prof. Maosen Cao

    Hohai University, CHINA 

    Interests: structural durability and integrity assessment, health monitoring, damage modeling and identification

Founding and Honorary Editor-in-Chief
  • Late Prof. Satya N. Atluri

    Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA

    Interests: aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, applied mechanics & mathematics, computer modeling in engineering & sciences

Associate Editors
  • Prof. Fabrizio Greco

    University of Calabria, ITALY

    Interests: composite materials and structures, fracture and damage mechanics, long span bridges, dynamic analysis of base-isolated structures, vibration analysis

  • Prof. Emil Manoach

    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BULGARIA

    Interests: damage identification; mode shape; structural analysis

  • Prof. Drahomir Novak

    Brno University of Technology, CZECH REPUBLIC

    Interests: concrete construction, nonlinear finite element, reinforced concrete

  • Prof. Manas Chandra Ray

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, INDIA   

    Interests: polarization, piezoelectricity, damping

  • Prof. Dragoslav Sumarac

    University of Belgrade, SERBIA

    Interests: fracture mechanis; damage mechanics; structural condition assessment

  • Prof. Tinghua Yi

    Dalian University of Technology, CHINA 

    Interests: vibration, modal analysis, cable-stayed bridge, structural health monitoring

  • Prof. Shuncong Zhong

    Fuzhou University, CHINA

    Interests: nondestructive testing, quantitative evaluation, FDTD and nonlinear finite element analysis, signal processing, reliability of NDT

Editorial Board Members
  • Prof. Boris Abersek

    Univeristy of Maribor, SLOVENIA

    Interests: fracture mechanics, cognitive science, phylosophy of mind

  • Dr. Jorge Manuel Vinagre Alfaiate

    Instituto Superior Tecnico, PORTUGAL

    Interests: structures and geotechnics

  • Prof. Nizar Faisal Alkayem

    Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, CHINA

    Interests: soft computing, applied AI,machine learning, optimization and evolutionary computation, structural Health Monitoring. structural damage detection

  • Dr. D.R. Ambur

    NASA Glen research Centre, USA 

    Interests: numerical analysis, plate vibration, finite electroconductivity

  • Prof. Yonghui An

    Dalian University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: structural health monitoring, damage diagnosis, model modification, safety assessment, vibration analysis

  • Prof. A. Apicella

    Viale dell'Aeronautica, ITALY

    Interests: alloys, corrosion

  • Prof. Sergio Baragetti

    University of Bergamo, ITALY

    Interests: machine design, computational mechanics, fatigue

  • Prof. Mahmoud Bayat

    University of South Carolinadisabled, Columbia, USA

    Interests: bridge engineering, structural dynamics, seismic performance of structures

  • Prof. Huseyin Bilgin

    Epoka University, ALBANIA

    Interests: structural and earthquake engineering

  • Dr. Ivo Cerny

    SVUM a.s., Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC 

    Interests: structural analysis, mechanics of materials, mechanical testing

  • Prof. Carlos Cesnik

    University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA 

    Interests: active aeroelastic tailoring, guided-wave modeling, transducer design

  • Prof. Aditi Chattopadhyay

    Arizona State University, USA

    Interests: adaptive structures, structural health monitoring, composites

  • Prof. Meri Cvetkovska

    Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA

    Interests: timber, rigidity, composite beams

  • Dr. Peter Dabnichki

    Queen Mary, University of London, UK

    Interests: biomechanics, computer modelling, sport engineering

  • Prof. Domagoj Damjanovic

    University of Zagreb, CROATIA

    Interests: damage identification; mode shape; structural analysis

  • Prof. Bhagavatula Dattaguru

    Indian Institute of Science, INDIA

    Interests: aerospace technology

  • Dr. Guido Dhondt

    MTU Aero Engines GmbH, GERMANY

    Interests: finite elements, fracture mechanics, structural integrity

  • Prof. Keqin Ding

    China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, CHINA

    Interests: structural health monitoring, health diagnosis

  • Prof. László Dunai

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HUNGARY

    Interests: numerical modeling, numerical simulation, finite element analysis, structural analysis, finite element modeling, earthquake engineering, stress analysis, construction, modeling and simulation, structural dynamics

  • Dr. Massimiliano Ferraioli

    University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, Naples, ITALY

    Interests: dynamic analysis, earthquake engineering, structural analysis, nonlinear analysis, construction engineering, modal analysis, structural dynamics, finite element modeling, finite element analysis

  • Dr. Peter E. Flewitt

    British Nuclear Group (BNFL), Berkeley Centre, UK

    Interests: condensed matter physics, materials and devices, ion irradiation, graphite, defects

  • Prof. Behrouz Gatmiri


    Interests: crack, stress intensity factors

  • Prof. Mario Guagliano

    Politecnico Di Milano, ITALY

    Interests: microstructure, finite element modeling, mechanical testing

  • Prof. Shifeng Guo

    Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: flexible sensors and sensor network,smart materials and structures, human-machine interaction, structural health monitoring, micro-nano mechanics and machine learning

  • Dr. Ali Hadigheh

    The University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: composite material recycling, material and performance-based characterisation, structural health monitoring, and development of smart multifunctional composites for structural application via experimental, advanced computational modelling, machine learning techniques

  • Prof. Wenyu He

    Hefei University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: bridge health monitoring, earthquake prevention and mitigation

  • Prof. Peter Horst

    Technische Universität Braunschweigdisabled, Braunschweig, GERMANY

    Interests: aircraft design and lightweight structure

  • Prof. Xiaomeng Hou

    Harbin Institute of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: high temperature and dynamic performance of concrete structures, SHM

  • Prof. Shaowei Hu

    Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, CHINA 

    Interests: structural analysis, finite element analysis, structural dynamics

  • Prof. Guoqing Jing

    Beijing Jiaotong University, CHINA

    Interests: ballast, recycled material, railway, DEM

  • Prof. Samir Khatir

    Ghent University, BELGIUM  

    Interests: signal processing, optimization, deep Learning, FEM, XFEM, damage identification, fracture mechanics, fatigue, bridge, experimental modal analysis

  • Prof. Masanori Kikuchi

    Tokyo University of Science, JAPAN

    Interests: crack, boundary element method

  • Prof. Alexander M Korsunsky

    University of Oxford, UK

    Interests: residual stresses; hole; slitting

  • Prof. Michal Kotoul

    Brno University of Technology, CZECH REPUBLIC

    Interests: crack,finite element modelling

  • Prof. Maciej Kumosa

    University of Denver, USA 

    Interests: physical properties, life predictions, multiscale modeling of HVT materials and structures

  • Prof. Joon-Hyun Lee

     Pusan National University, KOREA 

    Interests: nondestructive testing, structural health monitoring, acoustics and acoustic engineering

  • Dr. Dominique Pierre Leguillon

    CNRS - UMR 7607, FRANCE

    Interests: rupture fragile, fatigue, damage

  • Prof. Dongsheng Li

    Dalian University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: structural dynamics and wave propagation, structural protection under extreme loading

  • Prof. Dongsheng Li

    Shantou University, CHINA

    Interests: structural health monitoring, damage identification, structural dynamics

  • Prof. Qingfen Li

    Harbin Engineering University, CHINA 

    Interests: fracture mechanics, marine enginneering

  • Prof. Yang Lu

    Boise State University, USA 

    Interests: defects; infrared photography, eddy currents,microstructure

  • Dr. Ye Lu

    Monash University, AUSTRALIA

    Interests: structural health monitoring, non-destructive testing and evaluation, smart materials and structures

  • Prof. Ying Luo

    Jiangsu University, CHINA 

    Interests: structural health monitoring, condition monitoring

  • Prof. Vittorio Memmolo

    Università degli Studi di Napoli FEDERICO II, ITALY

    Interests: aerospace structures, structural health monitoring, mechanics and dynamics of solids, measurements and signal processing, guided electromagnetic wave propagation

  • Prof. Changqing Miao

    Southeast University, CHINA 

    Interests: structural durability and health monitoring

  • Prof. Alex Ching-Tai Ng

    The University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA 

    Interests: engineering structures, structural health monitoring

  • Prof. Kamran Nikbin

    Imperial College, London, GREAT BRITAIN

    Interests: crack tips, microstructure, titanium alloy

  • Prof. Lucio Nobile

    University of Bologna, ITALY 

    Interests: fracture mechanics, mechanics of materials, mechanics of structures

  • Prof. Wieslaw Ostachowicz

    Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences, POLAND

    Interests: structural health monitoring techniques, vibration control, structural dynamics, composite structures, multifunctional materials, smart materials and structures, damage assessment of structures

  • Prof. Costas Providakis

    Technical University of Crete, GREECE

    Interests: non-destructive testing, structural health monitoring, smart materials

  • Prof. Xiangdong Qian

    Hohai University, CHINA  

    Interests: Mechanical analysis, safety assement, structural dynamics

  • Prof. Minvydas Ragulskis

    Kaunas University of Technology, LITHUANIA

    Interests: applied mathematics, differential equations, evolutionary computation, engineering, applied and computational mathematics, vibration, interferometry, nonlinear dynamics, nonlinear time series analysis

  • Dr. B Nageswara Rao

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras, INDIA

    Interests: computational solid/facture mechanics, finite element analysis, meshless analysis, structural reliability, stochastic mechanics, fuzzy structural analysis, dimension reduction methods, prefabricated structures, pre-engineered buildings, experimental & numerical studies on reinforced concrete structures

  • Prof. Mehdi Sbartaï

    University of Bordeaux, FRANCE 

    Interests: damage identification, mode shape, structural analysis

  • Prof. Erik Schlangen

    Delft University of Technology, NETHERLANDS

    Interests: fracture mechanics, self-healing materials, durability of materials

  • Prof. Fabrizio Scozzese

    University of Camerino, ITALY

    Interests: risk analysis and probabilistic methods, seismic isolation and energy dissipation devices, stochastic ground motion models, seismic design of structural and non-structural components, steel structures, bridge engineering, finite element modelling, nonlinear analysis, dynamical systems, structural health monitoring, computer programming

  • Prof. Antony Patrick Selvadurai

    McGill University, CANADA

    Interests: mechanics of brittle fragmentation, fracture, elasticity,thermo-hydro-mechanical, rock

  • Prof. Jan Sladek

    Slovak Academy of Sciences, SLOVAK REPUBLIC

    Interests: mathematical modeling, mathematical programming, simulation and modeling, deformation theory; free vibration

  • Prof. Milan Sokol

    Slovak University of Technology, SLOVAK REPUBLIC

    Interests: dynamics of structures, structural health monitoring, seismic effects

  • Prof. Alfred Strauss

    Universitat fur Bodenkultur Wien, Vienna, AUSTRIA

    Interests: Digital Twin

  • Prof. Nobuo Takeda

    The University of Tokyo, JAPAN

    Interests: carbon Nanotubes

  • Prof. David Taylor

    Trinity College Dublin, IRELAND

    Interests: strain energy density; fracture toughness; t-stress

  • Prof. J. T. Toribio

    University of Salamanca, SPAIN

    Interests: fatigue and fracture mechanics, environmentally assisted cracking

  • Prof. Nando L Troyani

    Universidad De Oriente, VENEZUELA

    Interests: mechanical engineering

  • Prof. Viggo Tvergaard

    Technical University of Denmark, DENMARK

    Interests: voids, cracks, crack propagation

  • Prof. Erasmo Viola

    University of Bologna, ITALY

    Interests: fracture mechanics, structure and smart materials, non-destructive techniques for structural identification

  • Prof. Haitao Wang

    Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, CHINA 

    Interests: nondestructive testing

  • Prof. Qiang Wang

    Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, CHINA

    Interests: lamb waves, guided electromagnetic wave propagation,atructural health monitoring

  • Prof. Hao Xu

    Dalian University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: damage identification; mode shape; structural analysis

  • Prof. Wei Xu

    Hohai University, CHINA

    Interests: SHM, damage identification, solid mechanics, vibration

  • Prof. Wang-Ji Yan

    University of Macau, CHINA 

    Interests: structural health monitoring, uncertainty quantification and propagation; non-destructive testing, structural dynamics, structural disaster prevention and mitigation, bridge engineering.

  • Prof. Tao Yin

    Wuhan University, CHINA

    Interests: model updating, modal analysis, damage identification, mode shape; structural analysis, structural health monitoring

  • Prof. Ling Yu

    Ji'nan University, CHINA 

    Interests: Damage Identification; Mode Shape; Structural Analysis

  • Prof. Chuanzeng Zhang

    University of Siegen, GERMANY

    Interests: stress analysis, fracture mechanics, dynamics,concrete

  • Prof. Jian Zhang

    Southeast University, CHINA

    Interests: damage identification, mode shape; structural analysis, delamination, composite plates, finite element analysis

  • Prof. Zhifang Zhang

    Guangzhou University, CHINA

    Interests: structural damage identification

  • Prof. Yufeng Zhang

    National Key Laboratory for Safety and Health of Long-span Bridge in Service, CHINA  

    Interests: structural health monitoring, long bridge health monitoring

  • Prof. Jianlong Zheng

    Changsha University of Science and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: asphalt mixtures, asphalt, self-Healing

Early Career Editorial Board Member
  • Dr. Li Ai

    University of South Carolina, USA

    Interests: structural health monitoring, nondestructive testing/evaluation, damage diagnosis and prognosis, acoustic emission monitoring, fiber optic monitoring, machine learning, digital twins, structure rehabilitation and strengthening, load rating, finite element modeling

  • Dr. Marco Bonopera

    National Taiwan University, Taiwan

    Interests: behavior of reinforced, prestressed concrete and steel structures, bridge engineering; engineering material, machine learning; method of finite elements, structural health assessment and monitoring

  • Dr. Yang Ding

    Hangzhou City University, CHINA

    Interests: structural health monitoring, corrosion fatigue coupling, AI in civil engineering, system reliability assessment

  • Dr. Guopeng Fan

    Shanghai University Of Engineering Science, CHINA

    Interests: Ultrasonic nondestructive testing, ultrasonic imaging, acoustic signal processing, guided waves, Lamb waves, damage detection, wave propagation

  • Dr. Ahed Habib

    University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

    Interests: Structural engineering; earthquake Engineering; structural health monitoring; structural materials; artificial intelligence applications in civil engineering; advanced technologies, base isolation systems, fiber reinforced concrete, recycled aggregate concrete, machine learning

  • Dr. Lei Shen

    Hohia university, CHINA

    Interests: Discrete constitutive of (fiber reinforced) concrete, computational solid mechanics, multi-physics coupling behavior under extreme temperature, fluid-solid interaction

  • Prof. Qi-Ang Wang

    China University of Mining and Technology, CHINA

    Interests: structural health monitoring, wireless sensing, Bayesian methods for structural performance evaluation

  • Prof. Xiaoan Yan

    Nanjing Forestry University, CHINA

    Interests: Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, signal processing and machine learning, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition, structural health monitoring and damage identification


    University of Cagliari, ITALY

    Interests: Structural health monitoring, concrete structures, structural durability, damage identification 

  • Prof. Wei Zhang

    Fujian University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: mechanical engineering, simulation and modeling, FRP Reinforced Structures, experimental & numerical studies on reinforced concrete structures, structural reliability

  • Dr. Zhi Zhao

    Wuhan University, CHINA

    Interests: CCUS, machine learning 3D reconstruction, damage and fracturing modeling, porous materials, energy and fuel

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief
  • Prof. Ferri M.H. Aliabadi

    Aliabadi, Imperial College London, UK

    Interests: boundary element analysis, fracture

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