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Advancements in Smart Materials Dynamic Analysis for Novel Approaches of Structural Control and Healthy Monitoring

Submission Deadline: 15 July 2024 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Prof. Wael A. Altabey
Southeast University, Nanjing, China
Alexandria University, Egypt
Email: wael.altabey@gmail.com


During the last years, a remarkable progress has been made in the development of new materials. Advanced structured materials including smart and Nano materials open up new engineering possibilities because their specific properties (chemical, mechanical, and physical) that are not found in nature that can be significantly changed by the user in a controlled manner make them appropriate for certain applications. Due to their unique properties, smart and Nano materials have been of interest for uncountable areas of technical application, in various systems and structures including intelligent and adaptive sensing or actuation as well as active control. An understanding of the relationship between the structures and the properties has a crucial importance of practical utilization of these materials.


Therefore, the aim of this special issue is to gain new, unique knowledge about the relationships between structures and physico-mechanical and chemical properties of new materials, including finding ways to structure control, and development of new methods for structural healthy monitoring. Another goal is the gather the main contributions of academics and practitioners in mechanical, aerospace, and civil engineering to provide a common ground for improvements approaches of structural control and healthy monitoring by using this unique properties of smart and Nano materials.


Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas and utilization of the application of smart and Nano materials for structural control and health monitoring:

• Structural health monitoring techniques

• Advances in structural control

• Smart materials and structures

• Advanced Nano materials applications

• Nanocomposite Applications

• Nano pipes and films

• Fault diagnosis and control design applications

• Artificial intelligence application

• Damage detection and localization

• Self-repair and self-assembly application

• Reconstruction techniques

• Vehicles and automotive control

• Intelligent robotics and nanorobots

• Energy harvesting

• Advanced sensing techniques and new sensor design

• Nanostructured and Nanocomposite materials for sensing Applications

• Nanomaterials for sensors

• Application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in smart and Nano materials applications

• Smart and Nano materials for aerospace Applications


Structural Health Monitoring, Structural Control, Smart Materials and Structures, Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites, Sensors and actuators, Energy harvesting, Artificial Intelligence, Damage Detection, System Identification, Machine Learning, Sensor placement, Intelligent structure Systems

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