Special Issues
Editorial Board
  • Prof. Jean-Philippe Metges

    Interests: digestive cancer; targeted therapies and immunotherapy; clinical management

  • Dr. Daniel Serin

    Interests: breast cancer; fibrocystic breast disease; clinical oncology

Associate Editors
  • Prof. Jean-Yves Blay

    Interests: sarcoma; gastrointestinal stromal tumors; breast cancer

  • Prof. Mario Campone

    Interests: breast cancer; development of new drug; translational research

  • Prof. Nadine Houédé

    Interests: prostate cancer; bladder cancer; renal cell carcinoma

  • Prof. Kun Huang

    Interests: liver cancer; renal carcinoma; drug discovery

  • Prof. Nicolas Isambert

    Interests: cancer biology; cancer immunology; tumor microenvironment

  • Prof. Tristan Montier

    Interests: cell and molecular biology; gene delivery and gene therapy; ovarian cancer

  • Prof. Xavier Troussard

    Interests: leukemia; multiple myeloma; clinical trials

  • Prof. Hong-Ping Xia

    Interests: hepatocellular carcinoma; oncogene; targeted therapeutic strategy

Editorial Board Members
  • Dr. Xavier Artignan

    Interests: radiotherapy; prostate cancer

  • Dr. Majid Asadi-Samani

    Interests: biology; medicinal plants; pharmacognosy; phytomedicine; immunology; cancer

  • Prof. Hossein Banazadeh Baghi

    Interests: viruses and human cancer; viral vaccines; viral epidemiology

  • Dr. Fulvio Borella

    Interests: gynecological cancers; breast cancers; prognostic/predictive factors; cancer biology

  • Dr.Giuseppe Broggi

    Interests: histopathology; surgical pathology; dermatopathology

  • Prof. HongLei Chen

    Interests: tumor immunity and immunotherapy resistance mechanism; autophagy; energy metabolism and carcinogenesis; pathological diagnosis of neoplasm

  • Dr.Francesco Cicone

    Interests: PET/CT cancer diagnostics; nuclear medicine therapy; brain tumor imaging

  • Dr. Maya Dymova

    Interests: mycobacterium tuberculosis; molecular genetics; molecular oncology

  • Prof. Jean-Sébastien FRÉNEL

    Interests: breast cancer; gynecological cancer; circulating biomarker

  • Prof. Yujiang Fang

    Interests: pathology of oncology; cancer immunotherapy; cancer radiosensitizer

  • Prof. Valéria Pereira Ferrer

    Interests: prostate cancer and glioblastoma; extracellular matrix; angiogenese; new therapies and biomarkers; molecular Biology; cell biology; biochemistry; oncology; toxinology

  • Prof. Nicola Fusco

    Interests: breast pathology; predictive pathology; digital pathology; translational research

  • Prof. Sobhi M. Gomha

    Interests: anticancer agents; cytotoxicity; antiproliferative agents

  • Prof. Zhaohui Gong

    Interests: targeted therapy; immunotherapy; precision medicine

  • Prof. Gu He

    Interests: cancer biology; chemical biology; computation chemistry

  • Prof. Yi Hu

    Interests: nanomedicines; mitochondria; macrophage 

  • Prof. Guichun Huang

    Interests: tumor angiogenesis; tumor microenvironment; cancer immunotherapy

  • Prof. Haroon Khan

    Interests: metabolic diseases; pharmacology; antioxidant activity

  • Prof. Ivana Lazarevic

    Interests: viral genetic variability; hepatitis viruses; antiviral resistance

  • Dr. Anne Lesur

    Interests: clinical oncology; breast cancer; endocrine therapy

  • Prof. Yuchen Liu

    Interests: cancer biology; DNA&RNA editing; synthetic biology

  • Prof. Xiaobin Lv

    Interests: post-translational modification; non-coding RNA; chemotherapy resistance

  • Prof. Fabio Medas

    Interests: cancersurgery; parathyroid carcinoma; hernias

  • Prof. Jialin Meng

    Department of Urology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, Hefei, CHINA

    Interests: cancer biology; immunotherapy; urologic disease; biomarkers; bioinformatics

  • Dr. Laurent Mineur

    Interests: gastric adenocarcinomas; colorectal cancer; liver tumors

  • Dr. Chunlin Ou

    Interests: exosomal long non-coding RNAs; oxidative stress; colorectal cancer

  • Prof. Haili Qian

    Interests: breast cancer; esophageal squamous cell carcinoma; lung cancer

  • Prof. Stefano Rausei

    Interests: surgical oncology; gastric cancer; colon cancer; minimally invasive surgery; emergency surgery

  • Dr. Kandasamy Saravanakumar

    Interests: cellular antioxidant properties; antibacterial activity; paraconiothyrium brasiliense

  • Dr.Mohsen Sheykhhasan

    Interests: stem cell; CAR T cell therapy; exosomes

  • Prof. Johnson Stanslas

    Interests: clinical and experimental pharmacology; drug discovery; translational therapeutics; cancer research and neuroscience

  • Dr. Farzad Taghizadeh-Hesary

    Radiation Oncology Department,  Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

    Interests: radiation oncology; medical oncology; cancer biology

  • Prof. Dilek Telci

    Interests: cell signaling in cancer; cell adhesion; migration and metastasis; animal models in cancer

  • Prof. Hardeep Singh Tuli

    Interests: cancer biology; cell signaling; gene expression

  • Dr. Giuseppe E. Umana

    Interests: neuro-oncology; stereotactic radiosurgery; skull base; gliomas; meningiomas; schwannomas; craniovertebral junctions tumors; spine tumors; peripheral nerve sheath tumors

  • Prof. Feng Wang

    Interests: tumor pathogenesis; cancer molecular diagnosis; non-coding RNA

  • Prof. Kexin Xu

    Interests: epigenomics; functional genomics; genome editing

  • Prof. Tao Xu

    Interests: the mechanism of liver inflammation; pathogenesis of alcoholic liver disease; hospital humanities

  • Prof. Shun-Fa Yang

    Interests: biomarkers; environmental toxicology; cell signaling

  • Dr. Paul Zarogoulidis

    Interests: lung cancer diagnosis and treatment; drug design development and therapy

  • Prof. Yingchun Zeng

    Interests: clinical psychology; nursing science; rehabilitation medicine

  • Dr. Wenwen Zhang

    Interests: breast cancer; metastasis; biomarkers

  • Dr. Carlos Eduardo Paiva

    Interests: palliative and supportive care; breast cancer; quality of life

  • Prof. Jianxun Ding

    Interests: bioactive agents for tumor microenvironment regulation; bioactive polymers for controlled delivery of antineoplastic agents; bioactive polymers as adjuvants for cancer immunotherapy

  • Prof. Cem Önal

    Interests: prostate cancer; breast cancer; gynecological malignancies; radiotherapy/radiosurgery; helical tomotherapy

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