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Advances in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Through Metallic Foam

Submission Deadline: 20 September 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr Ahmed Kouidri, Faculty of Mechanical and Process Engineering, USTHB, Algiers, Algeria
Dr Fadhilah Shikh Anuar, Faculty of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology, University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia


Researchers in thermal engineering field have always looked to enhance heat transfer using several methods which can be distinguished to passive and active. Among the passive methods, the metallic foam is presented as an attractive solution. It is employed for its convenient hydrodynamic and mechanic properties, namely: lightness, high porosity (in general > 88%), high permeability, and a wide range of material selection for better thermal performances.

In other hand, the metallic foam also presents an important pressure drop when it is used embedded in fluid flow. A compromise between heat transfer and pressure drop must be taken into account depending on the application of studies. The aim of present special issue is to publish advanced studies in heat transfer and fluid flow through metallic foam. Analytical, numerical and experimental studies relating to the topics are welcome. The scope of the special issue covers a wide range of topics, but not limited to:

- Forced convection through metallic foam;

- Flow boiling through metallic foam;

- Refrigeration systems embedded with metallic foam;

- Heat exchangers equipped with metallic flow;

- Fluid flow across metallic foam;

- Flow transition across metallic foam.

- Nanofluids/nanoparticles in the metallic foam.


Forced convection; Flow boiling; Metallic foam; Fluid flow; Heat exchanger; Refrigeration systems

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