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Special Issue Titles and Editors Submission Deadline Status  
High Pressure Jet Theory and its Applications
(Editors: Peng Wang; Weili Liu; Haoge Liu)
01 March 2023 Open
Applications of Nanofluids in Heat Transfer Systems
(Editors: Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi; Giulio Lorenzini)
25 December 2022 Open
Computational Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics in Intelligent Manufacturing and Material Processing
(Editors: Jinfeng Wang; Babak Safaei; Mohammed Bsher A. Asmael)
30 October 2022 Open
Advances in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Through Metallic Foam
(Editors: Ahmed Kouidri; Fadhilah Shikh Anuar)
20 September 2022 Open
Meshless, Mesh-Based and Mesh-Reduction Methods Based Analysis of Fluid Flow in Porous Media
(Editors: Xiang Rao; Yonghui Wu; Yunfeng Xu)
01 September 2022 Open
Applications of CFD in Building Design: Thermal Comfort and Air Flow Distribution
(Editors: Vaibhav Rai Khare; Anuj Mathur)
31 August 2022 Open
Recent Advances in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences II
(Editor: Jingying Wang)
31 August 2022 Open
Advancements in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computer-Aided Material Processing
(Editors: T. Sathish; R. Saravanan; S. Srinivasan; G. Ramya)
25 August 2022 Open
Electro- magnetohydrodynamic Nanoliquid Flow and Heat Transfer
(Editors: Anum Shafiq; Abdon Atangana)
31 July 2022 Open
EFD and Heat Transfer IV
(Editor: Zhigang Fang)
30 June 2022 Open
Materials, Energy, and Fluid Dynamics
(Editors: Abdul Aabid; S. A. Khan; Asif Afzal; Muneer Baig)
24 June 2022 Open