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Flowing of Fluids through Porous Media

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Guest Editors

Dr. Ali Khalilnezhad, Sahand University of Technology, Iran.
Dr. Ali Khalilnezhad has received his PhD. in petroleum engineering at 2024. He is an expert in the flowing of fluids through porous media. Besides he has many publications in applications of nanotechnology and encapsulation in enhanced oil recovery process.

Prof. Farid B. Cortés, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia.
Professor Farid B. Cortés obtained his title as a Chemical Engineer in 2004 from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Later, he graduated as a Ms. in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D in 2006 and 2009, respectively. He is associate professor at the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering in Universidad Nacional de Colombia since 2011. He is the author of more than 60 published articles and three patents in the surface phenomena and nanotechnology applied to the Oil & Gas industry.


Understanding the dynamics of fluids flowing through hydrocarbon reservoirs is extremely important to model these systems. Such knowledge can help engineers to predict the ultimate recovery of oil and assess the applicability of EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) projects. In addition, the resulting mathematical models are instrumental in predicting phenomena such as viscous fingering and early breakthrough. Many chemical agents with various properties (e.g. surfactants, polymers, low salinity water) are potential candidates for enhanced oil recoveryapplications. Each of the mentioned agents has unique properties and requires conditions that need to be analyzed to achieve efficient  displacement of oil trapped in reservoirs. Involved models often involve fractional flow and darcy laws.

This special issue should be considered as an invaluable opportunity for petroleum engineers to share their knowledge and support further progress in these fields.


Petroleum Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (CEOR), Hydrocarbon Reservoir Simulation

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