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Advancements in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computer-Aided Material Processing

Submission Deadline: 25 August 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. T. Sathish, Saveetha University, India
Dr. R. Saravanan, Saveetha University, India
Dr. S. Srinivasan, Saveetha University, India
Dr. G. Ramya, Saveetha University, India


Defects are measured in Parts per million opportunities. In forthcoming days the standard of no more than 3.4 defect parts per million (PPM) opportunities will be a considerable loss. Take a good shift from Industrial Data to BIG data. Sift of Industrial Data to BIG data new developments in certain domains like mathematics and computer science Statistical learning) and availability of easy-to-use, often freely available (software) tools offer great potential to transform the manufacturing domain and their grasp on the increased manufacturing data repositories sustainably. Technology like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT) save cost, time and money as well as ensure safety in handling and processing of materials. Machine learning in material processing is one of the most important and indispensable topics to be explored widely.

Computational Fluid dynamics is a blessed technology which is offered solutions to many real-world problems and potentially complex problems. The advances in mathematics are to be utilized to improve the hydraulic, pneumatic, gas and water flow systems. Hence This special issue focuses the industry 4.O related research and advances in analysing non-structural areas (fluid dynamics) like gas dynamics, fluid machinery jet and aircraft propulsions, turbomachines and structural areas of computer-aided processing, Computer numerical control based advanced manufacturing processes like micro-milling, EDM, ECM, CNC lathe centre, CNC etc.


Keywords: Dam fracture analysis and Tsunami resistant structural stability investigation; Droplet-based microfluidics (Microdroplets); Jet and Aircraft propulsion analysis; nanofluids for microchip cooling; machine learning for material processing; IOT, BIG Data, Artificial Intelligence for material processing or manufacturing systems; Machinability Investigation on new materials on Computer-aided material processing like micro-milling, EDM, ECM, CNC lathe centre, CNC, WJM, etc; Nanofluids, Hybrid Nanofluids for heat transfer applications; Material validation with Gas dynamics in nozzle and diffuser design; Computational fluid dynamics in heat power engineering systems; Submerged vehicles, underwater systems design and analysis.

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