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Motion Dynamics of Incompressible Fluids Near Fluidic Interfaces and Related Thermal Transport Processes

Submission Deadline: 01 August 2021 (closed)

Guest Editors

Nai-Yi Cui, North China University of Technology, China


The motion of incompressible fluids near fluidic interfaces behave dramatically different from that in the volume. In the regions near the interfaces, the physical properties of interfaces, either mechanical, thermal or electrical, and the non-uniformities of these properties, may dominate the dynamics of fluid motion. Marangoni effect is a well-known phenomenon as such, in which the liquid flows are induced by regional difference in temperature or solute concentration at interfaces. In addition, when two interfaces are closely situated forming a thin liquid film, some peculiar phenomena may occur. The flows in these liquid films may behave far differently from when only one interface is present. At the present stage, the dynamics for these effects and related thermal transport are not yet satisfactorily understood.


This special issue includes (but not limited to) the following topics:

• The Marangoni effect

• Multi-phase flows

• Controlled motion of bubbles on solid surfaces

• The Pettit effect

• Thin-liquid-film motors

• Thermal transport near interfaces


Fluid motion near fluidic interface; Marangoni effect; Multi-phase flow, Pettit effect; Thin-liquid-film motor

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