Special Issue "Big Data and Smart Cities Challenges"

Submission Deadline: 25 February 2022
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Guest Editors
Dr. Malik Bader Alazzam, Ajloun national university,Jordan.
Dr. Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf, Al-Nahrain University, Iraq.
Dr. Kingsley A. Ogudo, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


A smart city combines Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, communication technologies, and information for connecting and engaging more actively and efficiently with its citizens, enhancing performance, and reducing costs and resource consumption. This vast and semi-structured collection of city and citizen-related data presents a variety of chances for the improvement of smart city platforms according to big data technologies.

The Smart City Big Data special issue seeks to publish work on multidisciplinary research spanning across computer science and engineering, urban planning and development, environmental studies, novel approaches, visionary ideas concerning big data-powered platforms and data-driven innovative solutions, and case studies for dealing with the challenges confronting the real world in creating smart cities.

Special issue topics include social computing big data and networks for smart cities, smart city big data governance and management, big data sensing and IoT frameworks and infrastructures, big data modeling and frameworks for smart cities, big data collection and analysis for smart and connected communities, smart city open data, urban computing and big data analytics, data mining and machine learning for smart cities, big data infrastructures and warehouse for smart cities, urban planning big data evaluation and assessment, smart city transportation big data and analytics, big data based city environment monitor, analytics and prediction, big data security and privacy for smart cities, case Studies and Innovative Applications, and smart building big data evaluation.

Along with such a concise list of probable topics, we are welcoming other topics submissions tackling platforms and smart city big data. We are addressing papers with theoretical and conceptual contributions that are opened to papers documenting important and interesting impacts with reasonable theory for explaining such impacts with reasonable theory for explaining such impacts in consumer behavior contexts.

Communication technologies, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), environmental studies, urban computing, smart city open data, planning and development, machine learning, social sciences and industrial engineering on technologies, Smart Cities, data mining, social computing big data, big data security, and computer science and engineering