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Advances in Blockchain and Machine learning in Biomedical and Healthcare Informatics

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Guest Editors

Dr. Bipin Kumar Rai, ABES Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad.
Dr. Gautam Kumar, CMR Engineering College (Autonomous), India.
Dr. Jabar H. Yousif, Sohar University, Oman.


Healthcare service is increasingly creating the scope for Blockchain and machine learning (ML) applications to enter the biomedical and healthcare world. Today, Blcokchain,AI, ML, and deep learning are affecting every imaginable domain, and healthcare, too, doesn’t remain untouched. Through its cutting-edge applications, AI and ML are helping transform the healthcare industry for the better. Blockchain is a decentralization communication platform that has the potential to decentralize the way we store data and manage information. Blockchain technology has potential to reduce role of middleman, one of the most important regulatory actors in our society.

Blockchain technology enables a decentralized and distributed environment with no need for a central authority. Transactions are simultaneously secure and trustworthy due to the use of cryptographic principles. In recent years, blockchain technology has become very trendy and penetrated different domains, mostly due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies. One field where blockchain technology has tremendous potential is healthcare, due to the need for a more patient-centric approach to healthcare systems and to connect disparate systems and increase the accuracy of electronic healthcare records (EHRs).

In this special session, an analysis of state-of-the-art blockchain and ML research in the field of healthcare will be considered.


Digital Transformation of Healthcare
Use of blockchain in Healthcare Patient and Clinical Research
Blockchain for Medication Administration Records
Ensuring Privacy and security of healthcare data using blockchain
Using blockchain Managing electronic medical record (EMR)
data Protection of healthcare data using blockchain
Personal health record data management using blockchainMachine Learning for Precision
Medicine and Preventive Healthcare
Machine Learning for Identifying diseases and diagnosis
Machine Learning for Drug discovery and manufacturing
Machine Learning for Smart health records
Machine Learning for Clinical Trial and research
Machine learning and deep learning for Biomedical and Health Informatics
Machine Learning in Rule Based Expert Systems- Used in EHR (Electronic Health record)
AI and ML applications in Clinical Trial Research

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