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CMES 2022 Reviewer Award

Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences

ISSN: 1526-1492 (Print)

ISSN: 1526-1506 (Online)

CMES 2022 Reviewer Award

CMES 2022 Reviewer Award will be awarded to the reviewers who make outstanding contributions to Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences in terms of the number of review reports, the quality of review reports and review speed.


Eligibility Requirements:

• Candidates must be reviewers for Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences journal during 2022.



• Reviewers will be evaluated and nominated by the Award Committee which consists of 3-4 editorial board members, in conjunction with the Editor- and Co-Editor-in-Chief, who oversee the process.

• Five winners will be elected by the committee.



• The winners will receive a Certificate for the award;

 The winners will be announced on the journal website in 2023.


Think You Can Be a Winner?


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