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Special Issue Titles and Editors Submission Deadline Status  
Advanced Methods for Uncertainty-oriented Structural Analysis and Design Optimization
(Editors: Zhiping Qiu; Xiaojun Wang; Lei Wang; Zhangming Wu)
30 June 2023 Open
Vibration Control and Utilization
(Editors: Tao Yang; Dongmei Huang; Shengxi Zhou)
01 February 2023 Open
Federated Learning Algorithms, Approaches, and Systems for Internet of Things
(Editors: Mu Zhou; Ying-Ren Chien; Xin Liu)
31 December 2022 Open
Linguistic Approaches for Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Applications
(Editors: Huchang Liao; Xingli Wu; Abbas Mardani; Zeshui Xu; Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas)
31 December 2022 Open
Computing Methods for Industrial Artificial Intelligence
(Editors: Liang Gao; Dazhong Wu; Long Wen; Junliang Wang; Yiping Gao)
31 December 2022 Open
Integration of Geometric Modeling and Numerical Simulation
(Editors: Gang Xu; Stéphane P. A Bordas; Xiaodong Wei)
31 December 2022 Open
Failure Detection Algorithms, Methods and Models for Industrial Environments
(Editors: Robertas Damasevicius; Rytis Maskeliunas; Mohammed A. A. Al-qaness)
30 December 2022 Open
Advances in Edge Intelligence for Internet of Things
(Editors: Huaming Wu; Chaogang Tang)
30 December 2022 Open
Data Acquisition and Electromagnetic Interference Detection by Internet of Things
(Editors: Yu Bai; Lin Meng; Hao Wu)
20 December 2022 Open
Advanced Intelligent Decision and Intelligent Control with Applications in Smart City
(Editors: Zhengtian Wu; Michael V. Basin; Qing Gao)
01 November 2022 Open
Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energy and Storage Systems
(Editors: Kai Wang; Xiufeng Liu; Licheng Wang; Yang Zhang)
28 October 2022 Open
Green IoE for Smart 5G and beyond (5GB) Applications
(Editors: Issa Elfergani; Jonathan Rodriguez; C. Zebiri; Abubakar Sadiq Hussaini; Raed A. Abd-Alhameed)
28 October 2022 Open
Deep Learning based Computational Methods for Abnormality Detection in Human Medical Images
(Editors: D. Jude Hemanth; Oana Geman)
01 October 2022 Open
Recent Advances in Backscatter and Intelligent Reflecting Surface Communications for 6G-enabled Internet of Things Networks
(Editors: Xingwang Li; Basem M. Elhalawany; Wali Ullah Khan; Gaoyuan Zhang)
01 October 2022 Open
Fractal-Fractional Models for Engineering & Sciences
(Editors: JI-Huan He; Muhammad Nadeem)
01 October 2022 Open
Machine Learning-Guided Intelligent Modeling with Its Industrial Applications
(Editors: Xiong Luo; Yongqiang Cheng; Zhifang Liao)
01 October 2022 Open
Advances on Mesh and Dimension Reduction Methods
(Editors: Leiting Dong; Zhuojia Fu; Elena Atroshchenko; Mingjing Li)
30 September 2022 Open
Computational Mechanics Assisted Modern Urban Planning and Infrastructure
(Editors: Chi-Hua Chen; Anand Nayyar)
30 September 2022 Open
Application of Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis (DL-MIA)
(Editors: Kelvin KL Wong; Simon Fong; Dhanjoo Ghista)
30 September 2022 Open
Advanced Numerical Methods for Fractional Differential Equations
(Editors: Qasem M. Al-Mdallal; Thabet Abdeljawad; Fahd Jarad)
15 September 2022 Open
Computer Modelling for Safer Built Environment and Smart Cities
(Editors: Rita Yi Man Li; Ramesh Agarwal; Xiao-Guang Yue)
01 September 2022 Open
Emerging Trends on Blockchain: Architecture and Dapp Ecosystem
(Editors: Xiaodong Yang; Shudong Li; Yuan Liu)
31 August 2022 Open
Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT): Emerging Trends and Challenges
(Editors: Amr Tolba; Zhaolong Ning; Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi)
30 August 2022 Open
AI-Driven Intelligent Sensor Networks: Key Enabling Theories, Architectures, Modeling, and Techniques
(Editors: Han Wang; Lingwei Xu; T. Aaron Gulliver)
31 July 2022 Open
Advanced Computational Methods in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
(Editors: Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi; Mikhail Sheremet; Morteza Khoshvaght-Aliabadi)
31 July 2022 Open
Advanced Machine Learning for Big Data Analytics in Natural Language Processing
(Editors: Jemal H. Abawajy; Haruna Chiroma)
20 July 2022 Open
Computer Modeling of Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging
(Editors: Yu-Dong Zhang; Juan Manuel Gorriz; Zhengchao Dong; Qilong Wang; Shu-Wen Chen)
01 July 2022 Open
Computer Modeling for Smart Cities Applications
(Editors: Wenbing Zhao; Chengxi Huang; Yi-Zhang Jiang)
01 July 2022 Open
Peridynamics and its Current Progress
(Editors: Fei Han; Erkan Oterkus; Patrick Diehl)
30 June 2022 Open
Numerical Methods in Engineering Analysis, Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence
(Editors: Yumin Cheng; Wenqing Wang; Rongjun Cheng)
30 June 2022 Open
Theoretical and Computational Modeling of Advanced Materials and Structures
(Editors: Francesco Tornabene; Rossana Dimitri)
30 June 2022 Open
New Trends in Statistical Computing and Data Science
(Editors: Christophe Chesneau; Hasssan Doosti)
30 June 2022 Open
Computer-Aided Structural Integrity and Safety Assessment
(Editors: Shun-Peng Zhu; José A.F.O. Correia; Grzegorz Lesiuk)
30 June 2022 Open
Computational Intelligence Techniques for Securing Systems and Networks beyond 5G
(Editors: Muhammad Asghar Khan; Yu-Chen Hu; Justyna Żywiołek)
30 June 2022 Open
Analysis of Quantum Chemical Calculation in POPs Degradation
(Editors: Zhihan Lv; Jaime Lloret; Houbing Song)
15 June 2022 Open
Internet of Things in Healthcare and Health: Security and Privacy
(Editors: Kuo-Hui Yeh; Shi-Cho Cha; Yingjiu (Joe) Li; Hu Xiong)
15 June 2022 Open
AI-Driven Engineering Applications
(Editors: Biswajeet Pradhan; Shilpa Gite)
31 May 2022 Open
Artificial Intelligence for Mobile Edge Computing in IoT
(Editors: Lianyong Qi; Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo; Xuyun Zhang; Qiang Ni)
31 May 2022 Open
Recent Advanced in Virtual Reality
(Editors: Zhigeng Pan; Gustavo Marfia; Zhihan Lv)
31 May 2022 Open
Application of Computer Modeling and Simulation in Social Complex System
(Editors: Yi Su; Zaoli Yang; Xuemei Xie; Harish Garg; Chunjia Han)
31 May 2022 Open
Models of Computation: Specification, Implementation and Challenges
(Editors: Maode MA; Gabriella.Casalino)
30 May 2022 Open
Modeling of Fluids Flow in Unconventional Reservoirs
(Editors: Jianchao Cai; Victor Manuel Calo; Shuangmei Zou)
30 April 2022 Open
Paradigms of Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Statistics in Medical Applications for Combating Epidemics
(Editors: Joshua Thomas; Ugo Fiore; Pandian Vasant; Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber)
30 April 2022 Open
Recent Advance of the Isogeometric Boundary Element Method and its Applications
(Editors: Haojie Lian; Chensen Ding; Stéphane P.A. Bordas)
30 April 2022 Open
Mechanical Reliability of Advanced Materials and Structures for Harsh Applications
(Editors: Xu Long; Kim S Siow; Chengqing Wu)
30 April 2022 Open
Bio-inspired Computer Modelling: Theories and Applications in Engineering and Sciences
(Editors: Xiaochun Cheng; Mario J. Pérez Jiménez; Sun-Yuan Kung)
28 April 2022 Open
Enabled and Human-centric Computational Intelligence Solutions for Visual Understanding and Application
(Editors: Yizhang Jiang; Xin Ning; Weiwei Cai; Jing Wu)
31 March 2022 Open
Thermofluid Topology Optimization
(Editors: Baotong Li; Shinji Nishiwaki)
31 March 2022 Open
Computational Methods in Space Flight Mechanics
(Editors: Tarek Elgohary; Xuechuan Wang; Hongua Dai)
31 March 2022 Open
Swarm Intelligence and Applications in Combinatorial Optimization
(Editors: Gai-Ge Wang; Xiao-Zhi Gao; Amir H. Alavi)
31 March 2022 Open
Humanized Computing and Reasoning in Teaching and Learning
(Editors: Xinguo Yu; Jun Shen; Yuan Sun; Yalin Zheng)
01 March 2022 Open
Recent Trends in Thermal Barrier Coatings for Turbine Blades: Theory, Simulation, and Experiment
(Editors: Xueling Fan; Tao Zhang; Fulei Jing)
01 March 2022 Open
New Trends in Structural Optimization
(Editors: Weisheng Zhang; Gilho Yoon; Akihiro Takezawa)
28 February 2022 Open
Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics and Their Applications: Mathematical Theory and Computational Modelling
(Editors: Taekyun Kim; Dae San Kim; Lee-Chae Jang)
28 February 2022 Open
Extension, Modeling and Applications of Fuzzy Set Theory in Engineering and Science
(Editors: Jun Ye; Yanhui Guo)
15 February 2022 Open
Frontiers in New Generation Product Manufacturing and Quality Inspection Based on Smart Sensing, Image Diagnostics and Advanced Computational Dynamics
(Editors: Yu Lu; Xiaofeng Wu; Zhong Li; Kelvin Wong)
30 January 2022 Open