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Recent Advances in Modeling and Simulation of Advanced Mechanical Manufacturing Processes

Submission Deadline: 25 February 2025 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Prof. J. Paulo Davim, University of Aveiro, Portugal
Dr. Ankit D. Oza, Parul University, India


This special issue covers the vast domain of the advanced modeling and simulation of various materials, processes and structures governed by the laws of mechanics. The emphasis is on advanced and innovative modeling approaches and numerical strategies. The main objective is to describe the actual physics of large mechanical systems with complicated geometries as accurately as possible using complex, highly nonlinear and coupled Multiphysics and multiscale models, and then to carry out simulations with these complex models as rapidly as possible. In other words, this research revolves around efficient numerical modeling along with model verification and validation. Therefore, the corresponding papers deal with advanced modeling and simulation, efficient optimization, inverse analysis, data-driven computation, and simulation-based control. These challenging issues require multidisciplinary efforts – particularly in modeling, numerical analysis and computer science – which are treated in this special issue.

The focus of this special issue is on cutting-edge sustainable technology in Modeling and Simulation of various advanced manufacturing processes. The special issue also covers artificial intelligence (AI), augmented/virtual/mixed reality (AR/VR/MR), cloud computing, internet-of-things (IOT), virtual simulation, reverse engineering, additive manufacturing, product manufacturing, numerical simulation, and computational modelling, all of which aid engineers in navigating the unique design (multifunctional, multi-material, multi-physics, and/or multiscale parts) of development and manufacturing of complex products.

Topics of interest (Including but not limited to the following):  

· Design for manufactural hollow structures, cellular structures, multiscale structures

· Modelling, Optimization, simulation, and control of manufacturing system

· Design optimization topology optimization, size optimization, and shape optimization

· Sustainable product design and development in small and medium-sized enterprises

· Artificial intelligence for sustainable design and manufacturing

· Material characterization and testing

· Modeling, optimization, and characterization of Additive Manufacturing &  Subtractive Manufacturing

· Sustainability analytics and Sustainable energy systems

· AI in Manufacturing

· Hybrid manufacturing

·  ANN and evolutionary algorithms in Manufacturing.

· Genetic algorithm

· Particle swarm optimization

· Modelling, Optimization, simulation, and control of micro-manufacturing system

· Simulated annealing

· Product Design and Development

· Non-destructive testing

· Circular economy: From industry 4.0, 5.0. 6.0, and Beyond

· Intelligent, Smart, and Digital Product design, development, and Manufacturing

· Design for recycling, remanufacturing, and reuse

· CAD integration of sustainable design methods and techniques

· Soft computing & optimization approaches for Intelligent Design and Sustainable Manufacturing

· Industrial ecology in design, manufacturing, and automation

· Human-centric design and manufacturing

· Green manufacturing, cleaner production

· Nature and bio-inspired Intelligent techniques for Design and Sustainable Manufacturing

· Product Design Integration in Virtual Manufacturing / Cyber Manufacturing / Digital Manufacturing

· Robotic Enabled Design

· Mechatronics systems and its design

· Cyber-Physical Production system in Intelligent Product Designing

· Advanced Materials

· Functional Materials

· Non-Conventional Machining Processes. 


Modeling, Simulation, characterization, Optimization, Control, Designing, Manufacturing, Materials

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