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Computer Modeling of Fluid Seepage in Porous Media with Ultra-low Permeabilities

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Guest Editors

Prof. Boyun Guo, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
A/Prof. Yin Feng, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA


Porous media with ultra-low permeabilities are tight materials such as tight-sand stones, shales, cements, and cracks in these materials. Fluid seepage in such materials causes long-term fluid leaks that are difficulty to seal. Flow-testing of poro-parameters of such materials is incredibly challenging due to its time-consuming nature. It is highly desirable to be able to simulate fluid flow behavior in these materials with modern computing technologies. The computer modeling can have wide applications including evaluation of long-term fluid leaks through cap rocks and well cement sheaths of underground CO2 and hydrogen storages. This special issue of the CMES reports the most recent advances in this research area.

Topics within the scope of interests include, but not limited to, the following aspects:

- Multiphase flow in tight sands

- Multiphase flow in shales

- CO2 seepage in cap rocks

- CO2 leakage through well cement

- Hydrogen seepage in cap rocks

- Hydrogen leakage through well cement

- Challenges in computer modeling of pressure-promoted imbibition processes

- Numerical simulation of crack-flow in shales


Porous media, ultra-low permeability, fluid seepage, computer model, simulation

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