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Advanced Computational Intelligence Techniques, Uncertain Knowledge Processing and Multi-Attribute Group Decision-Making Methods Applied in Modeling of Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis

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Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. A. Dounis, University of West Attica, Greece
Prof. Dr. I. Kalatzis, University of West Attica, Greece


Knowledge representation and decision-making modeling, are two pillars in artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems. In recent decades, a need has arisen for advanced techniques to provide real-time solutions to critical problems in medicine diagnosis and prognosis by integrating models from the rapidly developing field of computational intelligence, multi-attribute group decision-making, and uncertain information. Medical prognosis and diagnosis, that is essential parts of medical knowledge, is inherently influenced by various aspects of uncertainty. Uncertainty is generally a fundamental characteristic attribute of information and affects decision-making in medical problems and is the inseparable nature in medical knowledge like variation of disease patterns and similar symptoms representing many diseases. Extension fuzzy sets and intelligent technologies are prominent tools for handling uncertainty in multi-attribute group decision-making models in medical environment.


This Special Issue aims to invite original research papers and is focused on combination of intelligent technologies, multi-attribute group decision-making methods, and uncertainty representation models for medical diagnosis and prognosis.


·Information fusion
·Aggregation operators
·Uncertain information
·Information measures
·Extension fuzzy set
·q-Rung Orthopair Fuzzy Sets
·Fuzzy deep learning
·Neural networks
·Machine learning
·Bio-inspired algorithms in medical problems
·Medical imaging and signal processing
·Intelligent prognostic systems
·Intelligent diagnosis system
·Medical knowledge representation
·Explainable/Trustworthy artificial intelligence
·Advanced computational intelligence models
·Knowledge Processing
·Advanced fuzzy systems
·Fuzzy cognitive maps
·Pattern recognition
·Multi-objective optimization
·Dynamic multi-criteria group decision-making
·Basic uncertain information
·Large scale decision making in medical environment

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