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Key Technologies and Applications of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Intelligence and Trust Establishment

Submission Deadline: 30 September 2024 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Professor Chin-Ling Chen, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan
Professor Hsing-Chung Chen, Asia University, Taiwan


To consolidate the strengths of academic researchers with the energy of industry, to consolidate the areas of strength in engineering technology and to encourage the development of critical forward-looking technologies, and to conduct systematic research, the motivation of this Special Issue is to address the current challenges in supply chain management, and to utilize blockchain technology to The motivation of this special issue is to address the current challenges in supply chain management and to utilize blockchain technology to promote supply chain intelligence and trust building. These studies include:


1. through blockchain technology, we seek to solve the problems of data management and information sharing in the supply chain and to improve supply chain performance, traceability, and commodity authenticity.

2. the application of blockchain technology, the design and implementation of smart contracts, and the establishment of related data-sharing standards.

3. the establishment of a blockchain-based data management and sharing system for the supply chain, the development of smart contracts, and the exploration of standards for data flow.

4. the expansion to cross-alliance data management and information sharing.

5. extend supply chain data collaboration and sharing across alliance chains, with emphasis on cross-chain smart contracts and secure data transfer.

6. research and development of blockchain traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology, utilizing blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of commodities, and providing complete commodity tracking and anti-counterfeiting solutions.

7. Evaluation of the effectiveness of commercialization of blockchain application in the supply chain, and establishment of a comprehensive framework for evaluating the effectiveness of blockchain application, including the evaluation of the performance of smart contracts, the scalability of blockchain, and the effectiveness of the commercial application.


Overall, this special issue aims to promote the application of blockchain technology in the supply chain to enhance performance, build trust, and realize the smart transformation of the supply chain.

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