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Information Security and Trust Issues in the Digital World

Submission Deadline: 31 January 2024 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Dr. Yongjun Ren, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China
Dr. Weizhi Meng, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Dr. Chunhua Su, University of Aizu, Japan


As a significant process in today's society, datafication is changing in shape with the advancement of society and technology, ranging from data storage and chat software to Internet of Vehicles, Internet of things, and artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, major security and privacy issues have arisen. In the digital world, it is necessary to verify the identity of people without compromising their privacy, thus necessitating the establishment of identity authentication systems and privacy protection measures. Terminal devices in Internet of Vehicles and Internet of things, involve the collection of personal data, requiring dependable technologies to ensure the secure operation and interaction of these devices. With the AI technology represented by chatGPT, it is difficult to guarantee that the data generated during interactions of individuals or companies with chatGPT will not be exposed or utilized by the people behind chatGPT.


This special issue aims to bring together the latest research on information security protection methods, techniques and applications for the digital society, and to show how researchers are addressing the complex problems arising from these ideas. We also welcome the authors to introduce other recent advances addressing the above issues.


Potential topics include but are not limited to:

• Security and privacy preserving technologies in the digital world

• Symmetric and asymmetric encryption in the digital world

• Digital signatures in the digital world

• Trust issues in the digital world

• Trusted digital identity construction and authentication scheme in the digital world

• Secure and trusted key Agreement/exchangement Protocol in the digital world

• Trusted access control in the digital world

• Trusted execution environment related technologies in the digital world

• Federated learning and blockchain for security and privacy in the digital world

• Artificial intelligence and security in the digital world

• Security and privacy preserving issues in the Internet of vehicles

• Security and privacy preserving issues in the Internet of things


• Privacy preserving
• Blockchain
• Encryption
• Digital Signature
• Authentication Protocol
• Key Agreement/exchangement Protocol
• Zero-knowledge proof
• Access Control
• Federated learning

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