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6G/IoT-driven Real-time Modeling and Management for Green Buildings in the Smart Grid Era

Submission Deadline: 01 December 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Prof. Fadi Al-Turjman, Near East University, Turkey
Prof. B. D. Deebak, Vellore Institute of Technology, India


On the road to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and to prevent global warming, smart grid plays a significant role, aiming to improve the overall energy efficiency of power supply systems. In the demand side of smart grid, buildings for either residential or commercial purpose are major electrical energy consumers and thus become key players in smart grid activities, such as demand response management and integration with renewables, to fulfill the goal of improving overall energy efficiency. On the other hand, buildings themselves accounts for nearly 40% of the global final energy use, which is a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emission and climate change. These negative impacts have to be largely reduced or even completely eliminated, driving the development of green buildings to become zero energy in its design, construction, and operation. Thus, in the future, it is important for green buildings both to realize zero energy purpose and to participate in activities to improve the overall energy efficiency of smart grid.


Despite of the promising feature, tremendous challenges and barriers exist to fulfill these two objectives. For one thing, energy modeling and management in green buildings are intrinsically complicated, due to various characteristics of occupant behaviors, requirements of comfortableness, dynamic changing of building environment, building envelope and construction, etc. For another, both smart grid and zero energy feature of green buildings have real-time requirements of energy modeling and management to optimize the energy supply and use. This not only challenges the existing networking facilities but also the computational resources. To tackle with these challenges, recently emerged 6G/IoT enables a large number of new technologies, such as real-time data collection and processing, real-time AI, online optimization, etc. These new technologies offer candidate solutions to realize real-time modeling and management for green buildings in smart grid.


As a result, it is our goal to explore the state-of-art research in this area. The objective is to collect high-quality contributions on 6G/IoT-driven real-time modeling and management for green buildings in smart grid. 


6G; IoT; real-time modeling; smart grid

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