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Intelligent Detection Methods for AI-Powered Healthcare and Enhanced Medical Insights

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2024 Submit to Special Issue

Guest Editors

Dr. Faisal Saeed, Birmingham City University, UK
Dr. Tawfik Al-Hadhrami, Nottingham Trent University, UK
Dr. Shadi Basurra, Birmingham City University, UK
Dr. Mohammed Al-Sarem, Taibah University, KSA
Dr. Fuad Ghaleb, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia


The rapid integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has significantly enhanced the performance of medical diagnostics methods and patient care services. This special issue aims to discuss the innovative research and advancements in intelligent detection methods, effective health decision making, integration of big data analysis and IoT applications for healthcare, and the privacy and security issues related for healthcare data, which help to provide useful medical insights. Also, special issue will discuss the latest developments in machine learning and deep learning algorithms for the detection and classification of medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and neurodegenerative disorders. The topics of this special issue include but not limited to:


Machine Learning in Diagnostics.

Deep Learning-based Detection Methods.

Integration of Big Data Analytics.

IoT Applications in Healthcare.

Explainable AI in Healthcare.

Advanced Imaging and Sensing Techniques.

NLP for mining healthcare data.

AI-based Prediction of Patient Outcomes

Security and Privacy of Healthcare Data.

Blockchain for Healthcare Data Security.

Cybersecurity in AI-Enabled Healthcare Applications.


Smart Health,  Healthcare AI,  Deep Learning,  Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Intelligent Detection,  Medical Analytics, Data-driven Diagnostics. Digital Medical Insights,  Security and Privacy of healthcare data, and Big Data in Healthcare

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