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IoT Technology Research In E-Commerce: Possibilities And Challenges

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Guest Editors

Dr. A. Shanthini, SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India.
Dr. Gunasekaran Manogaran, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Colombia.
Dr. Priyan Malarvizhi Kumar, Kyung Hee University, South Korea.
Prof. Dheiver Francisco Santos, Tiradentes University Center, Brazil.
Dr. Adhiyaman Manickam, University of Moncton, Canada.


IoT technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies to reshape businesses and industries. Retail and e-commerce organizations can unlock and utilize their power and possibilities for optimizing and transforming their business operations. To stay competitive in today's e-commerce industry, businesses must offer their clients new features that meet the high expectations of their target market. While many e-commerce applications are currently leveraging mobile devices to enhance their consumer experience, implementing IoT technology can bring more significant changes to the existing surroundings of the customer. Many of them are still unaware of how IoT can help grow their customer base or enhance their e-commerce applications. The IoT is gaining more popularity. The e-commerce industry has opened up opportunities for businesses to take advantage of this technology. IoT technology is expected to enable manufacturers, consumers and retailers to implement innovative ways for emerging new business models. Focusing on research in E-commerce with IoT technology helps in a complete analysis of various aspects of E-commerce, including services, products, applications, and challenges facing the industry. Hence, it is clear that there are many opportunities for implementing IoT in e-commerce.

IoT for E-commerce helps in data analysis, inventory management, communication and promotion, and personalized shopping and billing. It enables the e-commerce business players to enhance and improve the quality and quantity of services and products to be provided. However, there are plenty of challenges companies will face while employing IoT technology in their E-commerce systems. The biggest challenge in any business is to promote customer satisfaction by maintaining quality services. The IoT technology is used to monitor the progress of business and alter services accordingly to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Yet the question remains, How can IoT be implemented in E-commerce? What are its benefits? Also, the other challenges of implementing IoT in E-commerce include compatibility and interoperability of various IoT systems with E-commerce applications, connectivity, handling unstructured data, intelligent analytics, data capturing capabilities, intelligent analytics, consumer awareness, data security, and privacy issues. But however, the appropriate use of these techniques provides tremendous possibilities for E-commerce applications in understanding the customer preferences, their purchasing patterns, and preferences. Further, every IoT solution has an effect on the significant factors that influence the decision making related to enterprises and consumers for successful business process management. Hence, finding more advanced research in this stream will significantly benefit the E-commerce industry.

This special issue aims to explore the next generation of E-commerce applications by examining IoT technology research: possibilities and challenges. We welcome researchers and practitioners working in this background to present their novel and innovative research solutions.


Topics include, but are not limited to:


• Innovations in IoT technology research for E-commerce era

• Possibilities and challenges of IoT technology in E-commerce

• Enhancing data security and privacy in IoT technology research for E-commerce

• Impact of IoT technology on E-commerce

• IoT assisted data mining for E-commerce

• IoT technology for data-intensive E-commerce applications

• Technology advances in IoT for next generation E-commerce applications

• IoT technology research for intelligent E-commerce applications

• Business innovations in E-commerce with IoT technology

• Effective ways of delivering value to the customers using IoT

• IoT technological trends that shapes the E-commerce applications


E-commerce; IoT; Business; Data; customer

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