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Cognitive behind Natural Language Processing & Sentiment Analysis Concepts and Applications for General Intelligent Computational Systems

Submission Deadline: 01 February 2023 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Charu Gupta, Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology, India.
Dr. Prateek Agrawal, LPU, India.
Dr. Saurav Nanda, Sr. Research Engineer, Synopsys Inc, CA (USA).


Nowadays, there are millions of customers in the market, and to find out the success of any product by customer feedback or by any means would be a very tedious task. For this task, we might need a very big team. Also, it will money and time-wasting, so here comes the AI-based sentiment analysis, we need not pay for it, or it also doesn’t get ill and the biggest advantage is it will work 24X7 for the company.


Hence, it is a wise idea to implement software sentiment analysis for quick results. Many sectors started using sentiment analysis in their chatbots, but it is not fully developed to get all things sorted for customers. There are times when the company needs to give physical support. It is very important to have sentiment analysis for any business. It is a great way to find out the success of any product or movie. It can work be very pocket friendly for companies. and saves manpower.


In this special issue, use of sentiment analysis on e-commerce, stock market analysis, brand monitoring, churn prediction, will be studied along with related tools and techniques. This issue will bring a new perspective to the existing Natural Language Processing Diaspora to various and numerous application, still under cover.


NLP with Soft computing Application
Problem solving and learning using NLP
Knowledge modelling
Meta-data handling using sentiment analysis

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