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Smart Wearable-Devices, AI Driven Medical, and Deep Learning for Health Diagnosis

Submission Deadline: 30 June 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Muhammad Khan, HITEC University Taxila, Pakistan.
Prof. Seifedine Kadry, Noroff university College, Norway.
Dr. Venkatesan Rajinikanth, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, India.


Due to the rapid growth in the science and technology, a significant number of modern and automatic devices are developed to support the humankind to have a safe, healthier and disease free ambiance. The modern hospitals are engaged with a number of automatic disease monitoring facilities to provide the necessary care to the patient. The current progress in healthcare domain aims to support a complete monitoring of the patient during the various stages of the treatment process.

The development in Smart-Wearable-Devices (SWD) further improved the patient monitoring process and the SWD integrated with the Artificial-Intelligence (AI) and medical cloud environment helps in reducing the burden in patient care system. The modern SWD supports the facilities, such as automatic monitoring, alert during abnormal condition, web-based monitoring, health-app integration and automatic patient condition recording to inspect the recovery rate. The modern hospitals are equipped with the computer supported monitoring schemes and the integration of the SWD, AI and medical cloud will further enhance the monitoring facilities. The integration of various modern schemes will support the handling of a range of health data with appropriate care and this facility also supports the handling of the offline/online data coming out from the AI integrated SWD. Furthermore, the SWT along with mobile based health app helps the elderly to have self diagnosis of various body conditions, such as blood-pressure, heart rate, temperature, blood glucose level and sleep pattern. When these data is shared through medical cloud, the doctor can monitor the condition from the remote location and provide the necessary suggestion to maintain the health.

This special issue invites the researchers, scientists and medical professionals to submit their innovative ideas and experimental works related to the health condition monitoring using Smart-Wearable-Devices, SWD data processing with machine-learning and deep-learning methods, recent development in SWD design and implementation and integration of SWD with AI and cloud for remote patient care. This special issue also welcomes the clinical trials executed with SWD, AI and the medical-cloud, remote monitoring of the SWD data and mobile-app development for the SWD and AI.


• Design and development of smart health devices for self diagnosis of physiological data
• Development of advanced Health-Band with cloud connectivity
• Development of Mobile App for Wearable-Device data monitoring
• Advanced AI algorithms for automatic examination of physiological signals obtained from Wearable-Devices
• Integration of AI and cloud for healthcare data processing and decision making
• Advanced machine-learning and deep-learning algorithms for healthcare data assessment
• Automatic Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with integrated smart health-bands
• Detection of EEG, EMG and ECG using Smart Wearable-Devices and AI
• Recent advancements in AI schemes to support the individuals to have healthier living environment
• Deep Learning for medical diagnosis
• Deep transfer learning and AI for medical cloud data

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