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AI and Data Security for the Industrial Internet

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Guest Editors

Prof. Song Deng, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Prof. Di Wu, Southwest University, China
Dr. Yi He, Old Dominion University, USA


Industrial Internet is a new industrial ecology, key infrastructure and new application mode for the deep integration of new-generation information and communication network technology and industrial manufacturing. It realizes the comprehensive connection of all elements of production, the whole industrial chain, and the whole value chain through the safe and reliable intelligent connection of people, machines, and things, promotes the fundamental change of the manufacturing mode of production and enterprise form, forms a brand-new industrial production, manufacturing, and service system, and significantly improves the level of digital, networked, and intelligent development of manufacturing industry.

Traditional industrial production often relies on manual operation, which is inefficient and easily affected by human factors. However, through the application of artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, industrial equipment can learn and analyze a large amount of data to make decisions and optimize autonomously. This intelligent upgrade makes industrial production more efficient, accurate and reliable, speeding up the production process and reducing production costs. However, data security and privacy protection are important directions that the application of AI in the industrial Internet must focus on. Data acquisition, transmission, storage and analysis in the industrial Internet all involve data security and privacy protection. AI-based industrial Internet applications must ensure data security and compliance in all aspects.

Therefore, this special issue focuses on AI and data security for the industrial internet. The following subtopics are the particular interests of this special issue, including but not limited to:

• AI-based fault diagnosis in the Industrial Internet

• AI-based personalized recommendation in Industrial Internet

• AI-based user behavior analysis in Industrial Internet

• AI-based target detection in Industrial Internet

• Data security with full life cycle in Industrial Internet

• Data privacy protection in Industrial Internet

• Abnormal data detection in Industrial Internet

• Abnormal data recovery in Industrial Internet

• Data encryption in Industrial Internet

• Reliable data storage in Industrial Internet

• Data security audit in Industrial Internet


Industrial Internet, AI, Data Mining, Privacy protection, Abnormal Data Detection, Abnormal Data Recovery, Deep Learning, Data Security

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