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Emergent Computer-Based Methods and Internet of Things Technologies for Physical Therapy, Dentistry, Medicine, and Engineering

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Guest Editors

Dr. Aya Sedky Adly, Helwan University, Egypt.
Dr. Mahmoud Sedky Adly, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
Dr. Afnan Sedky Adly, Cairo University, Egypt.


The rapid development of modern computer-based methods in different domains of expertise for physical therapy, dentistry, medicine, and engineering as well as the significant improvement of IoT technologies has caused the computer-based technologies to move beyond boundaries.
Currently, there is a great need for computer-based applications in these fields in order to establish novel disciplines that can assist healthcare professions and engineers in facilitating a reliable and efficient working environment by widening their base of support.


• Computer-based
• Computer-aided
• Computer-guided
• Computer-integrated
• Internet of things
• Internet of medical things
• Internet of intelligent things
• Artificial intelligence
• Virtual reality
• Tele-medicine
• Tele-therapy
• Tele-dentistry
• Tele-rehabilitation
• Tele-engineering
• Tele-care
• Tele-health
• Tele-monitoring

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