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Exploring Recent Trends and Advances in Sensors Cybersecurity

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Guest Editors

Prof. Nurul Mu'azzah Abdul Latiff, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia
Dr. Fahad Taha AL-Dhief, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia
Dr. Musatafa Abbas Abbood Albadr, Basrah University for Oil and Gas, Iraq


Nowadays, sensors play a pivotal role in gathering data for various applications such as IoT devices, smart cities, healthcare, the automotive industry, environmental monitoring, security, and other applications that mainly depend on sensing technology. However, the widespread deployment of sensors also brings forth significant cybersecurity challenges. Moreover, it's crucial to note that no single type of sensor can address all challenges, and many are susceptible to cyberattacks. For instance, while host-based sensors offer detailed and precise data, they are limited to the specific phenomena they are designed to detect. On the other hand, network-based sensors provide broader coverage but are vulnerable to manipulation through traffic engineering. They also struggle to analyze encrypted traffic and accurately assess activity at individual hosts. Additionally, due to the wireless and resource-constrained nature of sensor networks, along with their deployment in harsh or unmanned environments, they are exposed to numerous security risks. Nevertheless, attaining an adequate level of security has proven to be a challenging endeavor due to the communication, computation, and latency limitations inherent in sensor networks and applications. Consequently, platforms and applications relying on sensors are highly prone to cyber threats. Therefore, there is an imperative need for robust protection of sensor infrastructure and the development of secure information monitoring systems. In other words, there is a need to develop technologies, new theories, and practical solutions in order to secure the network infrastructure and the integrated sensors in platforms of different applications.


Sensors, cybersecurity, cybersecurity and sensor-enabled computer systems, cybersecurity and sensor networks in the IoT, data privacy, threat detection, machine learning, cybersecurity in heterogeneous sensor platforms, health monitoring, VANET security, big data in sensory systems and cyberthreats, encryption, authentication, intrusion detection, network security, data integrity

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