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Security and Privacy in Smart Grid and Distributed Generation Systems for Intelligent Systems

Submission Deadline: 15 October 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Dr. Akshat Gaurav, Ronin Institute, Montclair, USA.
Dr. Brij B. Gupta, Asia University, Taiwan.
Dr. John CHUI Kwok Tai, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU), Hong Kong, China.


There are some key features which a smart grid must possess which comprises of factors like reliability, flexibility to address fluctuating network topologies in case of partial failure, efficiency in terms of power distribution, generating power in an on demand basis, etc. These all features are highly complex and requires utmost concern when it comes to security and privacy of Smart Grids. Distributed system is nothing else but on site energy generation by decentralized small grid connected devices which are also referred as distributed energy sources. At these sources, energy is generated when demand for energy is created. Smart grid in this system helps to identify which source much generate how much energy and transmit through which path so that requirements are met in an optimal way possible. These systems are already running in European countries. Privacy is an important concern because depending on various data that is generated in the system, attacker might be able to get some useful information from the metadata generated in the system. This might reveal whereabouts of the person if power consumption is analysed and conclusions are deduced. Apart from that if identity of the person is revealed in the system during transmission, data can be manipulated which might lead to some unexpected consequences. Techniques like encryption can be used along with encoding of data to maintain privacy of the user. Security aspect of Smart Grid is of further concern as data can be interpreted and modified. Strict access control mechanism and authentication mechanism must be employed at necessary places so as to implement topologies like principle of least privilege. These mechanisms must also be well implemented so that the attacker is not able to bypass defence mechanisms of the system Encryption always goes hand in hand as it is one of the security measure which ensures privacy of the system.

This special issue mainly focuses on security and privacy in smart grid and distributed generation systems, addressing both original algorithmic development and new applications. We are soliciting original contributions, of leading researchers and practitioners from academia as well as industry, which address a wide range of theoretical and application issues in this domain.


The topics relevant to this special issue include but are not limited to:
• Models for Smart grid security and privacy
• Security of electric vehicles in the Smart grid
• Smart grid monitoring and measurement
• Smart grid reliability and stability
• Security of Energy Management in the Smart grid
• Power system planning and operation
• Secure real-time communication in the Smart grid
• Machine learning for Smart grid security and privacy
• IAttack Detection, Mitigation and Attribution in the Smart Grid
• Power generation control, prediction and forecast
• Energy storage and power system control
• Automatic generation control
• Big data analysis in Smart Grid Security
• Voltage regulation and demand response
• Secure and resilient communication and control architectures
• Secure smart metering
• Cryptography, key management, authorization and access control
• Security threat and vulnerability assessment and measurement
• Cyber-physical security information and event management
• Trust and privacy
• Security design and verification tools
• Simulation and performance analysis of security operations and services
• Energy efficiency in the Smart grid systems
• Secure device-to-device communication in smart grid
• Cryptography, authentication, authorisation and usage control in Smart grid network
• Deep learning Techniques for Smart grid
• Smart transportation and manufacturing
• Educational issues in smart grid and distributed generation systems

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