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Computer Vision for Smart Cities

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Guest Editors

Prof. Dr. Wenbing Zhao, Cleveland State University, USA
Dr. Hongkai Yu, Cleveland State University, USA


Smart cities leverage various technologies to enhance the quality of life of their residents. Among the key technologies driving transformation from traditional cities to smart cities, computer vision plays a pivotal role. By analyzing visual data from cameras, sensors, and other sources, computer vision enables a wide range of applications, from traffic management, autonomous vehicles, to public safety.


This special issue aims to explore recent advancements, challenges, and innovative solutions in the field of computer vision for smart cities. Researchers and practitioners are invited to contribute original research articles, reviews, and case studies. Here are some potential topics:


Urban Mobility and Traffic Management:

• Vehicle detection and tracking for efficient traffic flow.

• Pedestrian safety and crosswalk monitoring.

• License plate recognition for parking enforcement.

Public Safety and Security:

• Anomaly detection in crowded areas (e.g., detecting abandoned bags).

• Facial recognition for identifying suspects or missing persons.

• Crowd behavior analysis during events.

Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability:

• Air quality assessment using visual data.

• Green space utilization and vegetation monitoring.

• Waste management optimization.

Infrastructure Maintenance and Inspection:

• Automated inspection of bridges, roads, and buildings.

• Detecting infrastructure defects or signs of wear.

Social Services and Accessibility:

• Assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

• Monitoring public spaces for accessibility compliance.

• Elderly care and fall detection.

Sports and Entertainment:

• Referee assistance.

• Player tracking and analysis.

• Virtual graphics, augmented reality, fan engagement.

• Visual effects in movies and live performance enhancement.

Privacy and Ethical:

• Balancing surveillance with privacy rights.

• Ensuring fairness and transparency in AI algorithms.

• Addressing biases in computer vision systems.


By fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, this special issue aims to advance the state of the art in computer vision for smart cities. We encourage submissions that emphasize real-world impact, scalability, and practical implementation.  


Urban Mobility and Traffic Management; Public Safety and Security; Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability; Infrastructure Maintenance and Inspection; Social Services and Accessibility; Sports and Entertainment; Privacy and Ethical

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