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Innovation and Application of Intelligent Processing of Data, Information and Knowledge in E-Commerce

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Guest Editors

Prof. Honghao Gao, Shanghai University, China
Prof. Dr. Jung Yoon Kim, Gachon University, South Korea
Prof. Yuyu Yin, Hangzhou Dianzi University, China


In recent years, there is an increasing interest in new business models and strategies from both practitioners and researchers. The significant market transformation has been accomplished by leading E-commerce vendors such as Alibaba and Amazon through their innovative and highly scalable E-Commerce eco-systems. In the context of E-Commerce eco-system, there are hundreds of millions of consumers, thousands of businesses and shops, and hundreds of delivery people. Alibaba Group, as one of the main E-Commerce providers, cooperates with tens of thousands of software vendors to provide all necessary software services to support the business. With the booming of eco-business, more ecological roles in E-Commerce businesses emerge. For instance, Alibaba Group has expanded its business scale from Taobao Software to several business units, with 10000 plus technical staff. Large E-Commerce businesses such as Alibaba Group need to support a large number of applications and business modules, and cater for hundreds of business requirements and independent changes on a daily basis. Another new commercial mode, the sharing economy, such as Airbnb, Instacart, and Uber, has already operated on the basis of E-commerce eco-systems and information technologies. The intersection of these information technologies and business models provides ample research opportunities in intelligent processing of data, information and knowledge.


• Best commercial practices and case studies in the field of E-commerce;
• Knowledge management for E-commerce;
• Date management for E-commerce;
• Literature review on emerging issues of new business models and strategies;
• New information technology for E-commerce, AI technology, Blockchain, Edge computing, service computing, etc;
• Business process management for E-commerce;
• Big data management and application in E-commerce;
• Demand analysis in E-commerce companies;
• Implementation risk and benefit of adopting digital technologies in E-commerce;
• Innovative mode in E-commerce;
• Consumer information sharing in E-commerce;
• The use of internet platform in E-commerce;
• Empirical studies of business practices and performance.

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