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Wireless Sensors Networks Application in Healthcare and Medical Internet of Things (Miot) in Bio-Medical Sensors Networks

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Guest Editors

Dr. Bilal Salih Alhayani, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey.
Dr. Bashar YAHYA, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.


The wireless sensor network technologies are considered as one of the key research areas in computer science and healthcare application industries. The pervasive healthcare systems The Internet of Medical Things (MIoT) is an amalgamation of wearable medical devices and mobile applications that can connect to healthcare sensors information technology systems using networking technologies. (MIoT) The impact of IoT in healthcare, although still in its initial stages of development has been significant , attempts to review and understand the applications of MIoT in personalised healthcare will promote personalized care and higher standards of care and living through individual data-driven treatment regimens as well as optimized devices tailored to individual physiological requirements. The IoMT senses the patients’ health status and then transfers the medical data to doctors and healthcare providers with the help of remote cloud data centres. These data are used for disease diagnosis and in medical care decision-making. The main challenge in MIo is how to manage the large amount of medical data.


Potential topics include but are not limited to:

1. IoT measurement and control And new methodology of optical sensor network for detection

2. High-level methods and tools for node and application design healthcare sensors

3. The physical environment, both local and remote sensors

4. biomedical sensors network and and identification of biological and chemical agents

5. image transmission using in healthcare sensors

6. Reliability and security and Optical sensor network for detecting chemical and biological


1. wireless sensor networks
2. internet of things
3. communication
4. learning
5. distributed processing
6. localization and sensing

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