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Decision making Modeling, Methods and Applications of Advanced Fuzzy Theory in Engineering and Science

Submission Deadline: 30 December 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

Prof. Shuping Wan, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, China
Prof. Luis Martínez, University of Jaén, Spain
Prof. Jun Ye, Ningbo University, China


Due to the complexity of objective things and ambiguity of human thinking, decision making modeling and methods in various fuzzy environments have received extensive attention and have been widely applied to diverse engineering and scientific fields. Since Prof. L. Zadeh initiated the concept of fuzzy set, the fuzzy set theory has been widely used in many real-world decision making problems. Because the fuzzy set only uses single membership degree, it has some limitations on expressing uncertainty. To overcome these limitations, diverse new fuzzy concepts emerge. Up to now, various advanced fuzzy theories have made new progress and achievements in decision making, artificial intelligence, image processing, medical diagnosis, fault diagnosis, optimization design/programming, clustering analysis, big and small data mining, engineering modeling and analysis, etc.

This special issue is devoted to the decision making modeling, methods and applications of advanced fuzzy theory to solve decision making problems in engineering and other scientific fields. Articles submitted to this special issue can also be concerned with various advanced fuzzy theories, modeling, and applications in decision making, management, artificial intelligence, environmental protection, big and small data mining, pattern recognition, information processing, medical diagnosis, faulty diagnosis, image processing, education, economics, finance and many other practical modeling and analysis, etc. We invite researchers to contribute original research articles and review articles, which will stimulate continuous research on decision making modeling, methods and applications of various fuzzy theories to evaluate/solve decision making problems engineering and scientific fields. The original studies that propose novel decision making modeling and methods of advanced fuzzy theory are especially welcome.


Advanced fuzzy theory; decision making modeling and method; engineering and scientific applications

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