Special Issue "Current trends and Advancements for next-generation secure Industrial IoT"

Submission Deadline: 16 February 2021
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Guest Editors
Dr. Mahmoud Daneshmand, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. Rubén González Crespo, Universidad Internacional de la Rioja (UNIR), Spain
Dr. Qin Xin, University of Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands
Dr. Amrit Mukherjee, Anhui University, China


The recent advances in wireless communication and ubiquitous computing have made the Internet-of-Things (IoT) a huge paradigm for Industry 4.0 and beyond. The applications are generally based on different technologies that include a broad involvement of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and other computing techniques. In the research era of 6G projects, drone communication and next-generation Industrial IoT (Nx-IIoT), the advancement in intelligent computations and networking take part as a giant technical model for the government towards smart world implementation.

The involvement of advanced machine learning techniques for these applications from manufacturing raw components to final deployment presents versatile solutions towards its implementation. The role of IIoT and Nx-IIoT connects almost all communication technologies related to Industry 4.0 and beyond on a vast scale which creates a vast opportunity for the researchers and Entrepreneurs to establish their expertise in the competition. The huge volume of big data from IIoT requires smart and secure approaches for analyzing and processing using advanced ML techniques.

The scope of these works in terms of designed architecture, modeling, analyzing and optimizing has been grown exponentially. However, the crucial challenges of IIoT and Nx-IIoT application management, resource sharing, dynamic real-time load balances, secure computations and advanced networking still needs attention.

The SI is targeted to serve the industrial researchers and academia and to present their state-of-art ideas and contributions towards the perspective scope and challenges. Therefore, the SI invites theoretical and practical evaluations of the current trends and advancements in theory and practices to be implemented for secure Nx-IIoT.

• Advanced ML techniques for IIoT and Nx-IIoT
• Deep learning architectures for Nx-IIoT
• Optimizations of network for Industry 4.0 and beyond
• Architectures, models and simulations for IIoT and Nx-IIoT
• Security and protocols for Nx-IIoT
• Intelligent middleware design for efficient Nx-IIoT applications
• Cyber and network security algorithms using Nx- IIoT
• Resource allocation and management in Industry 4.0 and beyond
• Security issues, challenges and solutions for IIoT
• Big data and secure cryptography for Nx-IIoT
• DNN based secure communications
• Neuro-fuzzy computations for IIoT and Nx-IIoT
• Software-defined networking for Nx-IIoT
• Cognitive communications and systems for IIoT and Nx-IIoT
• Dynamic clustering for Industry 4.0 and beyond
• Sensor cloud computations for Nx-IIoT
• Ubiquitous sensing and networking for Nx-IIoT
• Nature-inspired secure computational models
• Secure Terahertz communications for Nx-IIoT
• Cloud-RAN for IIoT and Nx-IIoT
• Advanced digital twins computations
• Secure data mining and analytics
• Ambient intelligence for multimedia applications in Nx-IIoT
• Recent trends in IIoT and Nx-IIoT applications