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Advances in Biorefinery Technologies and Products – 2024

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Guest Editors

Uģis Cābulis, Head of the Polymer Laboratory, Scientific Director at the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia.
Uģis Cābulis received his PhD in 1993 in engineering at the University of Latvia. In 1986, he started his carrier at LSIWC in the Polymer Laboratory. He has more than 35-year experience in PU industry, covering all aspects: from science to practical coordination of National and International research projects. His scientific topics are PU from renewable raw materials and PU foams as cryogenic insulation. He has been a senior researcher and coordinator of bilateral project with ArianeGroup GmbH on insulation of new generation Ariane launcher, as well as in projects with the European Space Agency.

Miķelis Kirpļuks, Senior researcher of the Polymer Laboratory at the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia.
He has more than 15-year experience in the field of polyurethane materials – from polyol synthesis and analysis to polyurethane formulation development and final characterization of polyurethane materials. He has actively participated in activities of several EU FP7 and ERA-NET projects such as FORBIOPLAST, BIOPURFIL, EVOLUTION, BIOCORE and Bio4Cryo. He also has experience in projects with the European Space Agency, such as CRYOFOAMS and CRYOFOAMS-LW. The first-ever bio-based cryogenic insulation is being developed in the Bio4Cryo project and upscaled in ESA funded BioSpace project. His scientific endeavours have resulted in 74 research papers indexed in Scopus and his Hirsh-index is 23.

Arnis Kokorevics, Scientific Secretary of the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia.
Arnis Kokorevics holds a Dr. chem. degree (1992). In his work at the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, he deals with organizational activities regarding research projects, including research evaluation and scientometrics. The range of his scientific interests includes the biorefinery concept, scaling and fractal geometry approaches to description of the structure of wood and its components.

Kristīne Meile, Researcher of the Biorefinery Laboratory and Head of the Liquid Chromatography Centre at the Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry, Latvia.
Kristīne Meile holds a Dr. chem. degree from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Chemistry. She applies her analytical background to separate, purify, characterize and valorize chemical products obtained from wood and other lignocellulosic feedstocks to develop new biorefinery possibilities. She is captivated by the biorefinery concept and always tries to tie up loose ends and approach zero-waste systems. Apart from her research work, Dr. Meile is the organizer of the BTechPro! conferences.


Biomass, as the only carbon containing renewable resource, is a key to future materials, fuels and chemicals. For a higher beneficial impact biomass is processed within biorefineries to obtain several valuable products from a single feedstock. This special issue is dedicated to current and innovative technologies used for obtaining biomass-based products, and how these technologies can be combined for maximum efficiency. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

· Biomass feedstock pre-treatment

· Biomass processing and extraction

· Biomass-based materials

· Bioengineering technologies

· Synthesis of bio-based chemicals and polymers

· Characterisation of biorefinery products

· Bioeconomy and environmental aspects


pre-treatment, valorisation, bioeconomy, green chemistry, renewable resources

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