Vol.8, No.2, 2020-Table of Contents
  • Experimental Research on Structural Behaviors of Glulam I-Beam with a Special-Shaped Section
  • Abstract In order to enhance the bearing capacity of structural components, save materials, and reduce cost, a glued laminated timber (glulam) I-beam that is theoretically suitable for engineering application was proposed. In this study, 18 glulam specimens were fabricated using larch dimension lumber and resorcinol– formaldehyde resin. Four-point bending tests were carried out to compare the ultimate bearing capacity, strain, and deflection of various specimens. The results showed that: (1) The typical failure mode at bending is the web shear failure parallel to grain. Before the failure, cracks and sounds appear at the beam web, which represent the sudden brittle failure.… More
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  • Self-Supported Nanoporous Gold with Gradient Tin Oxide for Sustainable and Efficient Hydrogen Evolution in Neutral Media
  • Abstract Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in neutral medium suffers from slow kinetics as compared to that in alkaline or acidic conditions, owing to larger Ohmic loss and low proton concentration. Here we report that a self-supported nanoporous Au-SnOx (NP Au-SnOx) catalyst with gradient tin oxide surface could significantly enhance HER activity in neutral buffer solution (0.2 M PBS). The NP Au-SnOx catalyst exhibits a low onset overpotential of 38 mV and a small Tafel slope of 79 mV dec−1 . The current density of 10 mA cm−2 is manifested at an overpotential as low as 148 mV, representing the comparable performance… More
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  • Mycogenic Silver Nanoparticles From Endophytic Trichoderma atroviride with Antimicrobial Activity
  • Abstract There is an increasing interest in developing nanoparticles with diverse biologic activities. To this end, we prepared 10 to 15 nm silver nanoparticles (AgNP) from native isolates of Trichoderma atroviride. Within this study, endophytic fungi hosted four medicinal plants in Saint Katherine Protectorate, South Sinai, Egypt have been isolated by surface sterilization technique on four isolation media. Ten species, based on their frequency of occurrence, out of twenty recovered taxa were tested for their capability to synthesize extracellular AgNPs. Trichoderma atroviride hosted Chiliadenus montanus was found to be the best candidate for the production of mycogenic AgNPs among all examined… More
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