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Biodegradable Polymer and Biomass Composites

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Guest Editors

Chi-Hui Tsou, Professor (Ph.D), Sichuan University of Science & Engineering, China.

He graduated from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology with a doctor's degree in 2012. His Honors are: (1) Sichuan Province "Thousand Talents Plan" Innovative leading talents; (2) "Tianfu Emei Plan" Entrepreneurial leader; (3) Team Leader of "Sichuan Youth Scientific and Technological Innovation Research Team" for Waste Recycling Treatment and Comprehensive Utilization. He is a team leader of "Sichuan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Research Team for Waste Recycling and Comprehensive Utilization". He presided over more than 30 scientific research projects at different levels, and published more than 90 SCI papers, 50s of which were first authors or correspondents. He applied for or authorized more than 60 multinational patents, and won 6 international invention awards and more than 30 awards in various domestic competitions.


The global warming crisis is already looming. Traditional petroleum-based plastics cause harm to human health and the environment, because they are not easy to be recycled and treated. They are stacked in landfills and incinerated. Therefore, Biomass and biodegradable materials have attracted more and more attention. Biodegradable plastics and Biomass materials are proposed as alternatives to commercial plastics.

Biodegradable polymer, and biomass resources (agricultural waste, and biological waste recycling) are the good methods to solve the pollution problem of petroleum-based materials, agricultural wastes biowastes, and domestic garbage in the world. Biomass is also a potential renewable feedstock for applied materials. New materials can be produced or reused through synthesis, extraction, processing, blending or treatment. There are quite a lot of relevant research in recent years, but very few can really be transformed into products. This Research Topic aims to explore more feasible biomass materials, biodegradable materials as the target of potential market applications. It is expected to make some contributions to global carbon neutralization and carbon peaking.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

(a) Biodegradable materials

(b) Biomass composite  


Biomass; Biodegradable polymers; Renewable resource; Natural product; environmentally-friendly.

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