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Recent Advances on Renewable Materials

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Prof. Antonio Pizzi. University of Lorraine, France
A. Pizzi, is full professor of industrial chemistry at the ENSTIB, University of Lorraine. Prof. Pizzi, who holds a Dr. Chem. (Polymers, Rome, Italy), a Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry, South Africa) and a D.Sc. (Wood Chemistry, South Africa), is the author of more than 1000 research and technical articles, patents, contract reports and international conference papers as well as 10 books on adhesion and adhesives published in New York. He is the recipient of numerous prestigious international prizes for new industrial developments in his fields of specialization such as among others. the Descartes Prize of the European Commission (UK), the Schweighofer Prize for Wood Research Innovation (Austria), the Gold Medal from the Academie de l'Agriculture de France (France) and the Wake Memorial Medal of the Society for Adhesion and Adhesives (UK). His best-known area of specialization is on wood and fiber glueing and wood adhesives chemistry, formulation and application, in particular in bioadhesives and their application to composite products based on natural materials.

Prof. Yiqiang Wu, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, China
Yiqiang Wu, elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2021, is an expert in field of forestry engineering. Prof. Wu is specializing in the field of efficient utilization of wood, bamboo and straw resources, as well as green and low-carbon manufacturing of wood-based panels. He is the inventor of the theory of instantaneous shrinkage and maximum instantaneous shrinkage of wood cells and invented the superposition coupling theory of flame retardant and smoke suppression functions of wood materials. Recently, he is expanding his research to develop nano functional materials from sustainable bio-resources for the potential applications in fields of energy storage, catalysis and other functional materials. He graduated from Central South Forestry College in 1991, and obtained his PhDs from National Ehime University of Japan (Wood science and technology). He won 2010 and 2018 national scientific and technological progress award (the second prize), 2014 national teaching achievement award (the second prize), and 2017 National Innovation and Competition Award.


The production and application of renewable materials have dramatically reduced the dependence of human beings on fossil-based materials and have contributed to environmental protection and low-carbon recycling economy. Under the guidance of a sustainable development strategy, the importance of renewable materials and the irreplaceable role they play are becoming more and more recognized. Renewable materials are developing vigorously and rapidly nowadays. We have held the International Conference on Renewable Materials (ICRM2023) to build a platform for exchanging and sharing research results in renewable materials and related fields, in the hope of mutual inspiration and progress.


Topics of interest include but are not limited to Green Materials and Bio-based Materials; Recyclable and Sustainable Materials; Chemical Modification of Natural Polymers; Green Chemistry and Eco-friendly materials; Renewable& Sustainable Applications in Materials, Engineering, Physics, Biosciences and Chemistry; Polymers and Monomers of Biomaterials; New Bio-applications in Bioenergy, Biocatalysis, Bioaerosols, Bioelectronics.


Biobased materials, Biomass, Renewable Materials

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