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Effect of Processing, Additivrs and Base Material Modification of Edible Films Produced from Renewable Sources

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Guest Editors

Mahmut Seker, Professor, Food Engineering, Z.B. Ecevit University, TURKEY.
Mahmut Seker is working as a Professor and Department Head in Food Engineering Department at Z.B. EcevitUniversity (TURKEY). He holds Ph.D. degree in Food Science and Technology from University of Nebraska at Lincoln in U.S.A. He specialized in the field of edible films and coatings, extrusion, drying, food processing and preservation technologies. He has about 25 international publications at Scopus-cited international journals with a total H-index of 13 and a total citation of more than 490. He has acquired a National Awards for Scholarship of M.Sc. and Ph.D education in U.S.A He has one pending patent for “Production of freze dried meat”. He participated in about 6 research projects in the fields of drying, membrane technology, extrusion and edible film production. He participated in a published international book chapters deal with extrusion. He is the reviewer of about 10 international journals.

Murat Ozdemir, Professor, Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli, Turkey.
Murat Ozdemir holds Ph.D. degree in Food Science from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He is specialized in food packaging, antimicrobial films and coatings, edible packaging, food processing and preservation technologies, polymers, composites and nanomaterials. He has participated in various multidisciplinary research projects funded by national and international funds. His research has been published in a variety of prestigious venues. He has 55 international publications at Scopus-cited international journals with an h-index of 27 and with a total citation of more than 3700. He has one issued patent on instant Pistacia terebinthus coffee. He participated in 15 research projects in the fields of edible films, whey proteins, ozonation, nanotechnology, hydrogels, ultrasound-assisted extraction and antioxidants. He wrote 2 international book chapters on micro and nanoencapsulation in food packaging. He acts a referee for more than 10 international journals in the field of food science and technology. He is the member of Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Society.


Edible films are produced by dissolving base materials in solvent, ultrasound, cold plasma, high-pressure processing, and ultraviolet treatments. These processes affect properties of films. Advances on application of these process can be presented to readers by special issue.

Edible film are produced by incorporation of additives into film to enhance properties of film. Presentation of novel additives of edible films in special issue may provide progress on development of edible films.

Carbohydrate and proteins are base material for edible films. These base material are used in native form. Modified form form of base materials improve properties of films. Scientsits or industry can be acknowledged for progress on modification of base materials of edible films by special issue.


processes, additives, modification, carbohydrate, protein, edible film

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