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Bio-Fibres, Biopolymers and Biocomposites – Design for Sustainability, Life Cycle Analysis, Concurrent Materials and Conceptual Design Selection

Submission Deadline: 30 November 2022 (closed)

Guest Editors

S.M. Sapuan, Professor, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.

Professor S.M. Sapuan is Professor (A grade) in Composite Materials at Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing, Universiti Putra Malaysia. His research interests include natural fibre composites, biopolymer composites, materials selection of composites, concurrent engineering, conceptual design for composites, and biobased polymer composite packaging. He has published 950 papers in refereed journals. He was invited to deliver 48 keynote/plenary lectures at different conferences. He is a fellow of Society of Automotive Engineers International and Honorary Member of Asian Polymer Association. He has edited more than 30 books mainly in composites. He was the recipient of prestigious awards such as ISESCO Science Prize, Khawarizmi International Award, Top Research Scientists Malaysia Award, Malaysia Research Star Award, IET Achievement Award and Distinguished Researcher Award. He has been invited as guest editor in 29 special issues in different journals.


The contents of the special issue are related to Design for sustainability, Life cycle analysis, Concurrent materials and conceptual design selection; Fully biodegradable biopolymer composites, and Design for Manufacture and all focusing on biofibres, biopolymers and biocomposites as materials of concern. New innovation in materials design such as sandwich structures, hybridization, incorporation of design features, are needed. A lot has been written about performance and characterization of such materials. Research and publication are needed to move away from pure testing and characterization of such materials but other important aspects during product development such as concurrent engineering, sustainability issues, green design, design for the environment, etc have to be integrated in the existing knowledge.


Design for sustainability; Life cycle analysis; Concurrent materials and conceptual design selection; Design for manufacture; Advanced material design; Sandwich panel; Hybridization; Additive manufacturing of biocomposites; Natural fibres; Biopolymers; Bio fibres

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