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Microencapsulation of Active and Natural Compounds - Valorization of By-Products

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Guest Editors

Berta N. Estevinho, doctor, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal.

Dr. Berta N. Estevinho received her Ph.D. degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from FEUP in 2010. Her research interests focus on the development of the controlled delivery system of active and natural compounds prepared by different microencapsulation processes, namely spray drying and electrospinning, for food, cosmetic and medical applications. She has more than 68 publications in SCOPUS (50 papers published in Q1 Journals and from them 16 in Top 5 and 4 in Top 10 Journals). She is the first or corresponding author of 87.6% of her publications. She has more than 1981 citations in Scopus, an h-index of 27 and an average Impact factor of 5.842. She was Guest Editor of some special Issues in different Journals. She has several international collaborations, and she received various Scientific Awards.


Different compounds extracted from agriculture by-products produced in the agrifood chain can be microencapsulated and incorporated into different products. The valorization of by-products and maximum utilization of raw materials constitute a highly relevant topic in the EU and worldwide. Using vegetable by-products encourages a circular economy, generating an eco-sustainable and consumer health-promoting compounds class. So, the valorization of by-products is in accordance with the sustainable development objectives established by the United Nations Organization, reducing environmental impacts and allowing the obtaining of molecules with high added value from agrifood industrial waste. On the other hand, encapsulation has become a challenging approach to designing new materials with biotechnological applications, particularly in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. 

In this special issue, "Microencapsulation of active and natural compounds - Valorization of by-products," we aim to publish innovative research results and review papers on the encapsulation of active and natural compounds associated with by-products. These papers can explore encapsulation techniques, physicochemical characteristics and different applications of the microstructures. This issue also seeks to provide a fundamental understanding and the current strategies to improve the encapsulation of active and natural compounds by using and valorizing different by-products.

The thematic scope is presented in the following points but is not limited to them:

· The technological potential of agro-industrial residue for application in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products;

· Exploration of microencapsulation methodologies;

· Microencapsulated systems created by the valorization of by-products.


Microencapsulation, Biopolymers, Valorization of by-products, Controlled release, Spray drying, Electrospinning, Microparticles, Active and natural compounds, Controlled delivery system, Characterization of microstructures

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