Special Issue "Recycled Concrete Towards a Sustainable Society"

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2021
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Guest Editors
Jianzhuang Xiao , Professor, School of civil engineering, Tongji University, China.

Dr. Jianzhuang Xiao is the winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund, Humboldt Scholar of Germany, chairman of RILEM International Committee on structural behavior and innovation of recycled concrete, deputy chairman of Sustainable Civil Engineering Research Committee and chairman of Recycled Concrete Academic Exchange Committee. He is also editor of several national and industrial standards, author of 3 books and of more than 100 publications in refereed journals, and as editor or reviewer of many SCI journals. He is specialized in material behavior and structural performance of recycled aggregate concrete, fire response and resistance of high-performance concrete structures, rehabilitation and strengthening with composite material and committed to basic research and industrial innovation of solid waste recycling in recent years.


The shortage of concrete materials has become increasingly prominent in the building industry. Waste concrete recycling is an effective way to overcome this resource shortage, which attracts the most interest from researchers to builders. Therefore, significant researches have been conducted, and some recycling techniques have been successfully applied in engineering projects. However, the high efficiency and full utilization of waste building materials still require significant research and innovation.

This Special Issue “Recycled Concrete Towards a Sustainable Society” mainly focuses on the current research progress of the recycled aggregate and concrete. It will cover the aspects of the experimental and theoretical innovation related to the recycled coarse aggregate concrete, recycled fine aggregate concrete, recycled powder concrete, recycled brick aggregate concrete, spoil recycled material and new-type recycled concrete etc. The scope of interests includes but is not limited to the following topics: 

(1) Waste concrete crushing and recycled aggregate production technologies;

(2) The basic performance and degradation mechanism of recycled aggregate;

(3) The strength and constitutive relationship of recycled concrete;

(4) The durability of recycled concrete;

(5) The performance improvement technology and mix proportion design method of recycled concrete;

(6) The seismic performance and design method of recycled concrete;

(7) New-type recycled concrete and structures (full regeneration recycled concrete, 3D printed recycled concrete, composite recycled concrete structure, removable structures, etc.);

(8) Recycled concrete products.

Recycled concrete; Recycled aggregate; Material properties; Concrete structure; Mechanical properties; Durability; Production and application

Published Papers
  • Bond Behavior between BFRP Bars and Hybrid Fiber Recycled Aggregate Concrete after High Temperature
  • Abstract The aim of this study is to improve the bond performance of basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) bars and recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) after being exposed to high temperatures. The bond behavior (failure modes, bond strength, bond stress-slip curves) between BFRP bars and hybrid fiber recycled aggregate concrete (HFRAC) after being exposed to temperatures ranging from 20°C up to 500°C was studied by using pull-out tests. The effect of high temperatures on mechanical properties of concrete (compressive strength, splitting tensile strength) and tensile strength of BFRP bars was also investigated. The bond strength decreased as the temperature increased and the… More
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