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Editorial Board
  •  Prof. Zhi-Yong Li

    Southeast University, CHINA 

    Interests: stroke, cardiovascular biomechanics, image-based computational modeling and poroelastic theory

  •  Dr. Konstantin Volokh

    Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, ISRAEL 

    Interests: mechanics of soft materials

Honor Editor-in-chef
  •  Prof. Yuan-Cheng Fung

    University of California, USA   

    Interests: solid mechanics, continuum mechanics, biomechanics

Founding and Honorary Editor
  •  Prof. Satya N. Atluri

    Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA   

    Interests: computational mechanics, meshless method, meshless local petrov galerkin (mlpg) method

Associate Editors
  •  Dr. Ali C. Akyildiz

    Erasus Medical Center, NETHERLANDS

    Interests: cardiovascular biomechanics, soft tissue biomechanics

  •  Prof. Maria de Gador Canton

     University of Washington, USA

    Interests: hemodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, abdominal aortic aneurysm

  •  Prof. Linhong Deng

    Changzhou University, CHINA 

    Interests: biomechanics and mechanobiology, biomechanical behaviors of the airway smooth muscle cell

  •  Prof. Baohua Ji

    Beijing Insitute of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: cell-matrix interaction, collective cell migration, receptor-ligand interaction

  •  Prof. Shouqin Lv

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA

    Interests: structure-function relationship of key molecules using molecular dynamics simulations and biomechanical assays

  •  Prof. Guixue Wang

    Chongqing University, CHINA 

    Interests: biomedical engineering

  •  Prof. Ming Zhang

    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, CHINA 

    Interests: biomechanics of musculoskeletal system, computational biomechanics, prosthetic and orthotic bioengineering

Editorial Board Members
  •  Prof. Taiji Adachi

    Kyoto University, JAPAN   

    Interests: cytoskeletal proteins, bone biology, bone metabolism

  •  Prof. Ellen Arruda

    University of Michigan, USA 

    Interests: mechanical behavior of materials, tissue engineering of tendon and muscle constructs

  •  Dr. Hilary Barrett

    Erasmus Medical Center, NETHERLANDS

    Interests: synthesis of complementary advances in nuclear medicine, molecular imaging and biomechanical engineering

  •  Dr. Pierre Bongrand

    INSERM, CNRS of France, FRANCE

    Interests: biophysics of cell adhesion

  •  Prof. P. Bryant Chase

    Florida State University, USA 

    Interests: nanotechnology, muscle physiology, biomechanics

  •  Prof. Christopher S Chen

    University of Pennsylvania, USA 

    Interests: regulation of angiogenesis, cancer growth, stem cell differentiation by adhesive and medical cues, mechanochemical signal transduction

  •  Dr. Yunfeng Chen

    The Scripps Research Institute, USA

    Interests: mechanobiology and haemotology

  •  Prof. Natacha Depaola

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

    Interests: mechanical engineering, cellular behavior

  •  Dr. Vikram Deshpande

    Cambridge University, UK 

    Interests: bone and soft tissue pathology, gastrointestinal (gi) pathology

  •  Prof. Cheng Dong

    Penn State University, USA   

    Interests: biomechanics, cellular mechanics, cell signaling related to tumor and immuno-microenvironment, immunotherapy and drug delivery

  •  Prof. Jing Fang

    Peking University CHINA

    Interests: cell mechanics, biomedical signal and image processing, plasma medicine

  •  Prof. Xiqiao Feng

    Tsinghua University, CHINA 

    Interests: biomechanics and biomimetics of biomaterials, cell mechanics, micromechanics and nanomechanics, damage and fracture mechanics

  •  Prof. Jeffrey Fredberg

    Harvard University, USA   

    Interests: mechanical engineering

  •  Prof. Huajian Gao

    Brown University, USA 

    Interests: solid mechanics, nanomechanics, biomechanics, fracture mechanics, thin film mechanics

  •  Prof. Donald P III Gaver

    Tulane University, USA   

    Interests: computational biomechanics, educational administration, biomedical engineering

  •  Dr. William H Guilford

    University of Virginia, USA 

    Interests: cellular and molecular engineering, cell and molecular biomechanics, infectious disease

  •  Dr. Walter Herzog

    University of Calgary, CANADA   

    Interests: biomedical engineering

  •  Prof. Alan Hunt

    University of Michigan, USA

    Interests: biomedical engineering, cellular and molecular bioengineering

  •  Prof. Ying He

    Dalian University of Technology, CHINA 

    Interests: understand microcirculatiuon through modeling and in-vitro experimetnal methods, especially the microcirculation in diabetic mellitus

  •  Dr. Lining Arnold Ju

    The University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA 

    Interests: mechanobiology, biomechanics, single-molecule biophysics, microfluidics, thrombosis

  •  Prof. Roger D. Kamm

    M.I.T., USA 

    Interests: biological machines/microfluidics angiogenesis/vasculogenesis neurological disease cancer simulation and modeling

  •  Prof. Deborah Leckband

    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA 

    Interests: nanomechanics of biomolecules, cell adhesion, biomaterials, tissue engineering

  •  Dr. David Lam

    Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, CHINA 

    Interests: ocular medical devices endoluminal medical devices big data medical diagnostic biosensing electric vehicles

  •  Prof. Philip R LeDuc

    Carnegie Mellon University, USA 

    Interests: biological mechanical systems; mechanotransduction; biological microfluidics and mems; molecular micropatterning

  •  Prof. Bin Li

    Soochow University, CHINA 

    Interests: biomaterials

  •  Prof. Hongbin Li

    University of British Columbia, CANADA 

    Interests: single molecule biophysical chemistry, biomaterials, polymer chemistry, biological chemistry

  •  Prof. Jun Li

    Kansas State University, USA   

    Interests: bioanalytical, catalysis, environmental, materails, spectroscopy

  •  Dr. Tong Li

    Dalian University of Technology, CHINA

    Interests: finite element analysis, mechanical engineering

  •  Prof. Chwee-Teck Lim

    National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE 

    Interests: human disease mechanobiology, microfluidic biomedical technologies, 2d materials for biomedical applications, soft wearable technologies

  •  Prof. Dr. Mian Long

    Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. CHINA

    Interests: biomechanics, biophysics

  •  Prof. Yonggang Lv

    Chongqing University, CHINA 

    Interests: mechanobiology and regenerative medicine, biomaterials, tumor biology, micro/nano biomedicine and targeted drug delivery

  •  Dr. Mohammad R. K. Mofrad

    University of California, Berkeley, USA   

    Interests: multiscale biomechanics of cardiovascular disease and brain injury; molecular and cellular mechanobiology

  •  Dr. Daniel Muller

    Technische Universität Dresden, GERMANY 

    Interests: molecular interactions drive all processes

  •  Dr. Prashant Purohit

    University of Pennsylvania, USA   

    Interests: mechanical engineering and applied mechanics

  •  Prof. Andy Putnam

    University of California, Irvine, USA

    Interests: cell and tissue engineering; extracellular matrix; integrins; signal transduction; cell adhesion and migration; stem cells; bone; smooth muscle; polymeric biomaterials

  •  Prof. Hong Qian

    University of Washington, USA   

    Interests: mathematical approach to and physical understanding of biological systems, terms of stochastic mathematics and nonequilibrium statistical physics

  •  Prof. Masaaki Sato

    Tohoku University, JAPAN 

    Interests: actin mechanical properties elasticity cytoskeletal proteins mechanical testing tensile testing

  •  Prof. Geert Schmid-Schonbein

    University of California, San Diego, USA   

    Interests: biomechanics and transport in living tissues and in the microcirculation

  •  Prof. Michael P. Sheetz

    Columbia Univ, USA   

    Interests: cell & molecular biology chemical biology computational biology developmental biology evolutionary biology genetics & genomics microbiology

  •  Prof. Yuhua Song

    The University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA 

    Interests: molecular mechanisms and structural basis of biomolecular

  •  Prof. Joachim P. Spatz

    University of Heidelberg, GERMANY   

    Interests: cellular biophysics, materials science, cell biology, interface science, physics of soft matter

  •  Prof. Subra Suresh

    MIT, USA   

    Interests: nanomechanics of biological cells and molecules, and human disease states structure-mechanical property-disease connections in the context of p. falciparum malaria, hereditary blood cell disorders and cancer computational simulations of cellular and molecular deformation and shape thermodynamics

  •  Dr. Megan T. Valentine

    University of California, Santa Barbara, USA 

    Interests: understanding how forces are generated and transmitted in living materials, how these forces control cellular outcomes, and how the features of living systems can be captured in manmade materials.

  •  Dr. Ashkan Vaziri

    Northeastern University, USA   

    Interests: solid mechanics, materials, computational methods, biomechanics, nanotechnology

  •  Prof. Viola Vogel

    Swiss Federal Institute of Tech. (ETH), SWITZERLAND   

    Interests: bottom-​up molecular self-​assembly, single molecule mechanics, bacterial adhesion, biominerals, biomaterials and tissue engineering.

  •  Prof. George M. Whitesides

    Harvard University, USA   

    Interests: analytical energy related inorganic materials origins of life physical/chemical physics

  •  Dr. Savio L-Y. Woo

    University of Pittsburgh, USA   

    Interests: knee anterior cruciate ligament knee joint bone knee injuries knee surgery sports injuries

  •  Prof. Masasuke Yoshida

    Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN

    Interests: atpase, biochemistry, protein subunit, atp synthase and biophysics

  •  Prof. Zhu Zeng

    Guizhou Medical University, CHINA,

    Interests: dendritic cells from biophysics, biomechanics, mechanobiology and cancer immunology

  •  Prof. Muhammad Hamid Zaman


    Interests: systems biology of cancer, cell adhesion and migration in 3d environments, cellular mechanics, applications of bme in the developing world

  •  Prof. Liguo Zhao

    Loughborough University, UK   

    Interests: biomechanics, tissue-implant interaction for cardiovascular system

  •  Dr. Yaodong Gu

    Faculty of Sports Science, Ningbo University, CHINA   

    Interests: biomechanics gait kinematics motion analysis

  • Dr. Oluwafemi Adeleke OJO

    Bowen University, Nigeria

    Interests: anti-diabetic drug discovery, computational biochemistry, molecular toxicology, and neurodegenerative diseases

  • Prof. Sukho Lee

    Texas A&M University-San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, USA

    Interests: mechanisms of skeletal muscle plasticity, exercise physiology

Emeritus Editor-in-Chief
  •  Prof. Dalin Tang

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA   

    Interests: bioinformatics & computational biology biomedical engineering

  •  Prof. Pin Tong

    University of California, San Diego, USA

    Interests: computational mechanics biomechanics

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