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    Overview: Mechanism and Control of a Prosthetic Arm

    Tushar Kulkarni1,2, Rashmi Uddanwadiker1
    Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, Vol.12, No.3, pp. 147-195, 2015, DOI:10.3970/mcb.2015.012.147
    Abstract Continuous growth in industrialization and lack of awareness in safety parameters the cases of amputations are growing. The search of safer, simpler and automated prosthetic arms for managing upper limbs is expected. Continuous efforts have been made to design and develop prosthetic arms ranging from simple harness actuated to automated mechanisms with various control options. However due the cost constraints, the automated prosthetic arms are still out of the reach of needy people. Recent data have shown that there is a wide scope to develop a low cost and light weight upper limb prosthesis. This review summarizes the various designs… More >

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    Evaluation of Mechanical and Chemical Stimulations on Osteocalcin and Runx2 Expression in Mesenchymal Stem Cells

    Maryam Jazayeri1, Mohammad Ali Shokrgozar1, Nooshin Haghighipour1,2, Reza Mahdian3, Mehdi Farrokhi1, Shahin Bonakdar1, FereshtehMirahmadi1, Tannaz Nourizadeh Abbariki
    Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, Vol.12, No.3, pp. 197-213, 2015, DOI:10.3970/mcb.2015.012.197
    Abstract The osseous tissue repair and regeneration have great importance in orthopedic and maxillofacial surgery. Tissue engineering makes it possible to cure different tissue abnormalities using autologous grafts. It is now obvious that mechanical loading has essential role in directing cells to differentiation. In this study, the influence of cyclic uniaxial loading and its combination with chemical factors on expression of osteogenic markers was investigated. Rat bone marrow-derived stem cells were isolated and cultured. In one group cells were maintained in chemical induction medium. In another group cells were subjected to cyclic uniaxial strain with 3% amplitude and 0.3 Hz frequency… More >

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    Size-Dependent Diffusion of Dextrans in Excised Porcine Corneal Stroma

    Ajith Rajapaksha1,2, Michael Fink1, Brian A. Todd1
    Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics, Vol.12, No.3, pp. 215-230, 2015, DOI:10.3970/mcb.2015.012.215
    Abstract Delivery of therapeutic agents to the eye requires efficient transport through cellular and extracellular barriers. We evaluated the rate of diffusive transport in excised porcine corneal stroma using fluorescently labeled dextran molecules with hydrodynamic radii ranging from 1.3 to 34 nm. Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) was used to measure diffusion coefficients of dextran molecules in the excised porcine corneal stroma. The preferential sensitivity of FCS to diffusion along two dimensions was used to differentially probe diffusion along the directions parallel to and perpendicular to the collagen lamellae of the corneal stroma. In order to develop an understanding of how size… More >

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