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CMES-Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences

About the Journal

This journal publishes original research papers of reasonable permanent value, in the areas of computational mechanics, computational physics, computational chemistry, and computational biology, pertinent to solids, fluids, gases, biomaterials, and other continua. Various length scales (quantum, nano, micro, meso, and macro), and various time scales (picoseconds to hours) are of interest. Papers which deal with multi-physics problems, as well as those which deal with the interfaces of mechanics, chemistry, and biology, are particularly encouraged. New computational approaches, and more efficient algorithms, which eventually make near-real-time computations possible, are welcome. Original papers dealing with new methods such as meshless methods, and mesh-reduction methods are sought.

Indexing and Abstracting

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  • Shear Induced Seepage and Heat Transfer Evolution in a Single-Fractured Hot-Dry-Rock
  • Abstract In the enhanced geothermal system (EGS), the injected fluid will induce shear sliding of rock fractures (i.e., hydroshearing), which consequently, would increase the fracture aperture and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the geothermal reservoir. In this study, theoretical analysis, experimental research and numerical simulation were performed to uncover the permeability and heat transfer enhancement mechanism of the Hot-Dry-Rock (HDR) mass under the impact of shearing. By conducting the direct shear test with the fractured rock samples, the evolution process of fracture aperture during the shearing tests was observed, during which process, cubic law was adopted to depict the rock… More
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  • An Uncertainty Analysis Method for Artillery Dynamics with Hybrid Stochastic and Interval Parameters
  • Abstract This paper proposes a non-intrusive uncertainty analysis method for artillery dynamics involving hybrid uncertainty using polynomial chaos expansion (PCE). The uncertainty parameters with sufficient information are regarded as stochastic variables, whereas the interval variables are used to treat the uncertainty parameters with limited stochastic knowledge. In this method, the PCE model is constructed through the Galerkin projection method, in which the sparse grid strategy is used to generate the integral points and the corresponding integral weights. Through the sampling in PCE, the original dynamic systems with hybrid stochastic and interval parameters can be transformed into deterministic dynamic systems, without changing… More
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  • Stability and Bifurcation of a Prey-Predator System with Additional Food and Two Discrete Delays
  • Abstract In this paper, the impact of additional food and two discrete delays on the dynamics of a prey-predator model is investigated. The interaction between prey and predator is considered as Holling Type-II functional response. The additional food is provided to the predator to reduce its dependency on the prey. One delay is the gestation delay in predator while the other delay is the delay in supplying the additional food to predators. The positivity, boundedness and persistence of the solutions of the system are studied to show the system as biologically well-behaved. The existence of steady states, their local and global… More
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  • An Improved Higher-Order Time Integration Algorithm for Structural Dynamics
  • Abstract Based on the weighted residual method, a single-step time integration algorithm with higher-order accuracy and unconditional stability has been proposed, which is superior to the second-order accurate algorithms in tracking long-term dynamics. For improving such a higher-order accurate algorithm, this paper proposes a two sub-step higher-order algorithm with unconditional stability and controllable dissipation. In the proposed algorithm, a time step interval [tk, tk + h] where h stands for the size of a time step is divided into two sub-steps [tk, tk + γh] and [tk + γh, tk + h]. A non-dissipative fourth-order algorithm is used in the rst… More
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  • Development of TD-BEM Formulation for Dynamic Analysis for Twin-Parallel Circular Tunnels in an Elastic Semi-Innite Medium
  • Abstract In order to simulate the propagation process of subway vibration of parallel tunnels in semi-infinite rocks or soils, time domain boundary element method (TD-BEM) formulation for analyzing the dynamic response of twin-parallel circular tunnels in an elastic semi-infinite medium is developed in this paper. The time domain boundary integral equations of displacement and stress for the elastodynamic problem are presented based on Betti’s reciprocal work theorem, ignoring contributions from initial conditions and body forces. In the process of establishing time domain boundary integral equations, some virtual boundaries are constructed between finite boundaries and the free boundary to form a boundary… More
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  • Nonlinear Thermal Buoyancy on Ferromagnetic Liquid Stream Over a Radiated Elastic Surface with Non Fourier Heat Flux
  • Abstract The current article discusses the heat transfer characteristics of ferromagnetic liquid over an elastic surface with the thermal radiation and non-Fourier heat flux. In most of the existing studies, the heat flux is considered as constant, but whereas we incorporated the non-Fourier flux to get the exact performance of the flow. Also, we excluded the PWT and PHF cases to control the boundary layer of the flow. The governing equations related to our contemplate are changed into non-linear ordinary differential equations (ODE’s) by utilizing appropriate similarity changes, which are at the point enlightened by Runge–Kutta based shooting approach. The equations… More
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  • Practical Optimization of Low-Thrust Minimum-Time Orbital Rendezvous in Sun-Synchronous Orbits
  • Abstract High-specific-impulse electric propulsion technology is promising for future space robotic debris removal in sun-synchronous orbits. Such a prospect involves solving a class of challenging problems of low-thrust orbital rendezvous between an active spacecraft and a free-flying debris. This study focuses on computing optimal low-thrust minimum-time many-revolution trajectories, considering the effects of the Earth oblateness perturbations and null thrust in Earth shadow. Firstly, a set of mean-element orbital dynamic equations of a chaser (spacecraft) and a target (debris) are derived by using the orbital averaging technique, and specifically a slow-changing state of the mean longitude difference is proposed to accommodate to… More
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  • GPU-Based Simulation of Dynamic Characteristics of Ballasted Railway Track with Coupled Discrete-Finite Element Method
  • Abstract Considering the interaction between a sleeper, ballast layer, and substructure, a three-dimensional coupled discrete-finite element method for a ballasted railway track is proposed in this study. Ballast granules with irregular shapes are constructed using a clump model using the discrete element method. Meanwhile, concrete sleepers, embankments, and foundations are modelled using 20-node hexahedron solid elements using the finite element method. To improve computational efficiency, a GPU-based (Graphics Processing Unit) parallel framework is applied in the discrete element simulation. Additionally, an algorithm containing contact search and transfer parameters at the contact interface of discrete particles and finite elements is developed in… More
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  • A Comparative Numerical Study of Parabolic Partial Integro-Differential Equation Arising from Convection-Diffusion
  • Abstract This article studies the development of two numerical techniques for solving convection-diffusion type partial integro-differential equation (PIDE) with a weakly singular kernel. Cubic trigonometric B-spline (CTBS) functions are used for interpolation in both methods. The first method is CTBS based collocation method which reduces the PIDE to an algebraic tridiagonal system of linear equations. The other method is CTBS based differential quadrature method which converts the PIDE to a system of ODEs by computing spatial derivatives as weighted sum of function values. An efficient tridiagonal solver is used for the solution of the linear system obtained in the first method… More
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  • Speech Intelligibility Enhancement Algorithm Based on Multi-Resolution Power-Normalized Cepstral Coefficients (MRPNCC) for Digital Hearing Aids
  • Abstract Speech intelligibility enhancement in noisy environments is still one of the major challenges for hearing impaired in everyday life. Recently, Machine-learning based approaches to speech enhancement have shown great promise for improving speech intelligibility. Two key issues of these approaches are acoustic features extracted from noisy signals and classifiers used for supervised learning. In this paper, features are focused. Multi-resolution power-normalized cepstral coefficients (MRPNCC) are proposed as a new feature to enhance the speech intelligibility for hearing impaired. The new feature is constructed by combining four cepstrum at different time–frequency (T–F) resolutions in order to capture both the local and… More
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  • An Efficient Algorithm Based on Spectrum Migration for High Frame Rate Ultrasound Imaging
  • Abstract The high frame rate (HFR) imaging technique requires only one emission event for imaging. Therefore, it can achieve ultrafast imaging with frame rates up to the kHz regime, which satisfies the frame rate requirements for imaging moving tissues in scientific research and clinics. Lu’s Fourier migration method is based on a non-diffraction beam to obtain HFR images and can improve computational speed and efficiency. However, in order to obtain high-quality images, Fourier migration needs to make full use of the spectrum of echo signals for imaging, which requires a large number of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) points and increases the… More
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  • Run-Time Dynamic Resource Adjustment for Mitigating Skew in MapReduce
  • Abstract MapReduce is a widely used programming model for large-scale data processing. However, it still suffers from the skew problem, which refers to the case in which load is imbalanced among tasks. This problem can cause a small number of tasks to consume much more time than other tasks, thereby prolonging the total job completion time. Existing solutions to this problem commonly predict the loads of tasks and then rebalance the load among them. However, solutions of this kind often incur high performance overhead due to the load prediction and rebalancing. Moreover, existing solutions target the partitioning skew for reduce tasks,… More
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  • Generalized Truncated Fréchet Generated Family Distributions and Their Applications
  • Abstract Understanding a phenomenon from observed data requires contextual and efficient statistical models. Such models are based on probability distributions having sufficiently flexible statistical properties to adapt to a maximum of situations. Modern examples include the distributions of the truncated Fréchet generated family. In this paper, we go even further by introducing a more general family, based on a truncated version of the generalized Fréchet distribution. This generalization involves a new shape parameter modulating to the extreme some central and dispersion parameters, as well as the skewness and weight of the tails. We also investigate the main functions of the new… More
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  • MHD Maxwell Fluid with Heat Transfer Analysis under Ramp Velocity and Ramp Temperature Subject to Non-Integer Differentiable Operators
  • Abstract The main focus of this study is to investigate the impact of heat generation/absorption with ramp velocity and ramp temperature on magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) time-dependent Maxwell fluid over an unbounded plate embedded in a permeable medium. Non-dimensional parameters along with Laplace transformation and inversion algorithms are used to find the solution of shear stress, energy, and velocity profile. Recently, new fractional differential operators are used to define ramped temperature and ramped velocity. The obtained analytical solutions are plotted for different values of emerging parameters. Fractional time derivatives are used to analyze the impact of fractional parameters (memory effect) on the dynamics… More
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