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JRM Outstanding Reviewer Award 2022

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JRM Outstanding Reviewer Award 2022

JRM Outstanding Reviewer Award recognizes the significant contribution of up to four reviewers who have provided constructive, timely and productive feedback to manuscripts submitted to Journal of Renewable Materials during the previous year. Their insightful comments have substantially helped our authors to improve their papers.


Selections are based on the quality, number and timeliness of the reviews completed. Outstanding Reviewers will be granted with an award certificate and an APC waiver for one article accepted by the journal that is submitted within 12 months after receiving the award.

We are delighted to present the ‘JRM Outstanding Reviewer Award 2022’ to:

  • Milan Šernek, University of Lubljana, Slovenija

  • Yanhua Zhang, Northeast Forestry University, China

  • Yanjun Li, Nanjing Forestry University, China

  • Krzysztof Pielichowski, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

JRM Editorial is grateful to all the reviewers for their support in providing well-written and punctual reviews in a single year. Without these anonymous, conscientious, impartial and timely peer review comments, it would be impossible to maintain the high standards of the journal.


How to be Considered:
For those of you who have not reviewed for JRM, but would like to do so, please kindly register yourself as our reviewer through JRM portal at http://www.tspsubmission.com/index.php/JRM/user/register

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