Aims and Scope

Journal of Renewable Materials

ISSN: 2164-6325 (Print)

ISSN: 2164-6341 (Online)

Journal of Renewable Materials (JRM) is an interdisciplinary journal publishing original research covering all aspects of bio-based materials, sustainable materials, and green chemistry. The scope of the journal is devoted to reports of new and original experimental and theoretical research in the areas of materials, engineering, physics, bioscience, and chemistry, which are related to the critical renewable and recyclable applications.
This journal is an indispensable reading and publishing area for all scientists, researchers, engineers, university and professional teachers, industrialists, and people in business interested in inventing, developing, implementing, commercializing, and using processes and products based totally or partly on biosourced natural materials or their transformation derivates, and their recycling in line with the requirement of the new bioeconomy.
To be published, works must exhibit a significant advance in renewable, sustainable, recyclable materials’ researches. Coverage includes the following but is not limited to:

 the development of environmentally improved routes, synthetic methods, and processes to relevant products 

 the design of new, greener and safer chemicals and materials 
 the use of sustainable resources 
 the use of biotechnology alternatives to chemistry-based solutions 
 methodologies and tools for measuring environmental impact and application to real-world examples 
 synthesis and polymerization of bio-based monomers and macromonomers 
 the chemical modification of natural polymers 
 descriptions of the design and development of materials and devices that enable more rapid advancement of new bio-applications in areas such as bioenergy, biocatalysis, bioaerosols, bioelectronics, environment, and water safety are strongly encouraged.